Alex Iwobi (17)


I know football accounting doesn’t always work out this way but our current net spend is probably something like £70m, and I think our previous highest was something like £90m so going from previous behaviour I can see the club being hesitant when making big deals from here.

This is just opinion but I think our biggest constraint is an inclination to protect an amount cash reserves (I’ve no idea what the amount is though or why we still need to care judging by how the past 10 years has gone).

Whatever myths people want to convince themselves of about how fees are spread in football accounts, if we were to make a £120m signing tomorrow then the cash reserves are where it’s coming from so in that scenario if the aim is really to keep that as high as possible I could see the club desperately trying to raise funds from within the squad to balance it a little bit more.


What does it say about Spurs ambition if we are out spending them.



Good. Want him to prove himself under a new manager.


:arteta: :arteta:

So many people pissed off I’m sure haha


Good news


Meh well I am not hugely excited about him staying, but if he is depth option and grows, he has some potential - it would be interesting to see if he gets loaned out (I doubt it, but who knows - he needs to be playing more at this point)…

I still hope we land a last minute surprise in an exciting, young, attacking winger.

Auba/Laca/Nketiah as striking options

Ozil, Micki, Perez primary 3 behind; depth is Iwobi and Welbeck (or Iwobi switches with Perez); also Ramsey could end up in these 3.

Ramsey, Torreira; rotating Xhaka, El Neny, AMN, Guendouzi (have to see exits here or mostly cup rotation and U21)

Bellerin, Papa, Makro, Kola; Moose, Lichty, Holding, Monreal, Chambers, and Jenks as depth (again, way too many)

Leno/Cech/Ospina - Martinez and the 2 not picked here (at least 1 departure, probably 2)

In sum:

Get rid of at least 1 GK
Get rid of at least 2 defenders
Get rid of at least 1 midfielder
Get rid of one attacking player (Welbeck or Perez probably)

Bring in star attacking wing.



That revolution that involves playing all the exact same players


Good. Iwobi is a baller. Was class when he broke through before he got Wengerised


Hopefully the new contract will help with his confidence. There’s a really good player in there somewhere, I’m just still not sure what his best position is.


Hopefully iwobi learns how to hit the target now that he’s signed a new deal.


“Doubling his money”? How much is he currently on?


i reckon he was on something like 35k a week, but knowing wengers socialist wage structure wouldnt be surprised if he was on a huge amount to keep him at the club and is not on 100k+ a week


Many players will find new life under Emery. Wenger wasn’t capable of developing them anymore.


Ok so we are putting a fair bit of faith in Iwobi, hopefully he learns how to shoot in the next months then.


No more sidefoot tings, man bout to start lenging and rassing off shots


He will never be able to generate power in his shot. But he should be able to still improve his shooting technique, and especially improve his left foot, ehich is basically non existent. He suffers a little from Sterlingitiz and Oziligitiz where the power he generates when shooting is that of my 91 year old grannie.



Good. Expect him to step up under Emery.


Now I know why AC said Emery is bad.