Alex Iwobi (17)


Whom on our team is “bad” on short passing??? :stuck_out_tongue:






Chamber’s passing is really bad




Cech is pretty shite too. You can throw Welbz in there aswell.


Damn… you guys…

Next topic, how to define short passing…

1-5 yards?
1-10 yards?
the ball must remain on the ground all time?


3-9 yards.

1-2 yards are micropasses. Iwobi is very good on micropasses to be fair.


The micropass meistro. Makes Denilson look like a mug.


Yes Iwobi lovely ball to Ighalo and great reaction to the rebound. Nigeria still in this! …


A bit too late, don’t you think? :wink:



As crap as I think he is I would like to see what team Emery can get from him before he’s sold on. He’s not going to be worth much less if he has another poor season but there’s the potential he can be worth substantially more in the future if he can build (significantly) on his current position.


Exactly. Many players couldn’t develop well under Wenger in the last years. I’d give them one last chance under Emery.


He’s like a Poundland Raheem Sterling, and I guess that does ruffle some people’s feathers.

For £25 m I’d be happy if the club sold him, but I’d also be happy if he improves under a new coach.


25 million is like a cash out bet win on an unfancied team getting to the semis of a cup you know they cant win.
In short you take it knowing you done well.


I’d sell without a doubt.


If we sell Iwobi and Welbeck and put that money towards a top winger, that would be a good window for us.

Getting rid of dross, like we have done since Sven has been here, is like when you clear the loft out of all the old rubbish.

Then go out and buy something decent.


Agreed, if we could recoup something over £25m for both, I would take that and put it towards a winger.


Yeah wouldn’t be against selling him, if it opens the door for us to sign a better winger.