Alex Iwobi (17)


He’s playing for the new manager perhaps, because he doesn’t want to be flogged to Everton :grin:

No, I like him to be fair. I’ve been critical of some of his performances (deservedly so) but I do think we can make a player of him.

On a side note, he tweeted this the other day, which I thought was sweet


Really want him to succeed, and he has the talent.

Academy product, I love it. Bastard needs to apply it now, and not come in late to training.

Needs a kick up the arse like the others. Won’t get it off Arteta though so fuck me, fuck my life and fuck everything.


If the new coach is smart enough, he should get a better left wing (or start Auba and Laca together) and use Iwobi and fucking Welbeck as sub ONLY.


No future here. Sell for +20 mil


As much as I’m not sold on him I’m more than happy to see how he works under Emery and his team. Clear direction and rigorous coaching may do him wonders.

Think this season will be a decider for him in terms of what his future holds.


Looks like Unai has plans with him in mind.

Most people on here have a problem with him because he doesn’t score a very much playing on the wing ( although he isn’t a winger)


I feel like I can’t judge any of our shit players because it could have all been down to Wenger lol.

I’m definitely not a fan of Iwobi and have been singling him out as a player we have to upgrade / sell but let’s see what Emery can do with him.


It’s not only the lack of goals , he plays in the forward positions and has close to no productivity in general.

That’s almost criminal at a top club.


How do you judge his productivity? In terms of what he should be doing oppose to what he is doing?


If you don’t judge a forward by his final third productivity (goals and assist), do you want to judge him by his number of tackles?

Even Ozil has WC passing skill and creating chances after chances for his players, he still got criticized for not shooting and scoring enough.

Because someone is young and has some decent link up and hold up skills, he can get a pass?


Way too much, we are lucky if we get 8-10 Millions for him.


He doesn’t cross, dribble or make cutting passes anywhere near enough as well as the not scoring or assisting much. Compare him to what Nasri used to bring to the side. Miles apart in every aspect.


Dribbling and passing are the things he is actually good at.


Not good enough.


By far the most unfairly judged player in the squad imo. 100% convinced the fans are totally off about him and it’s putting unnessacary pressure on the lad but I guess like all things we shall see.


That’s fine if you’re a CM, problem is he’s supposed to be an attacking midfielder.

And his passing really isn’t that good to balance out the lack of productivity in other aspects.


Dribbling - very good

Pace - shite

Ball controle - very good

Short passing - very good

Long range passing - shite

Shooting - shite, shooting like a girl

Weak foot - does he even have a left foot?

Stamina and workrate - has to improve, looks knackered after 70 min.

Decision making - Sterling like, abysmal stuff.

Strenght - good

Overall i see him mostly as a midfielder. Good strenght, passing and dribbling could potentially be lethal in our team. Lets hope Unai works his magic on this guy, but i have 0 expectations.


I did a comparison with some of the preferred wingers:|ligue_1/2017/2018/nabil_fekir/822/822/5597/0/p|premier_league/2017/2018/leroy_sané/819/819/12319/0/p|ligue_1/2017/2018/julian_draxler/822/822/2186/0/p#possession_score/total_forward_passes/total_backward_passes/successful_passes/key_passes/assists/chances_created/avg_pass_length/successful_take_ons_%/total_duels_%#total


I will take Sterling-like decision making…


You mean Arteta-like decision making