Alex Iwobi (17)


Duh. Nelson and Welbeck were the other two players in our attacking tridente. Obviously Iwobi will stand out in that case.


He played far better than jack has over the last few games.


Not sure why that is relevant. It seems Wilshere is a goner anyway. Unless they came to an agreement.


So what you’re telling me is if they don’t come to an agreement on a new contract before it expires Jack won’t stick around and play for free?! :flushed::open_mouth::open_mouth:


His version and passing for the goals is what he should be doing regularly as a attacking mid. He did well taking the role of Ozil on Sunday; I think people would get of his shit if did this constantly.


Easily the worst player on the pitch.


Proper shithouse performance


I don’t think a new manager is going to look him at the moment and consider him part of his plans going forward. Could be another goner in a summer of big change


Him and Welbeck both really poor


He’s started in 25 games and made 9 sub appearances in the PL, EL and FA Cup. He has 2 goals and 6 assists to his name.

He simply isn’t involved enough in matches to justify that sort of poor output. I don’t really see what he offers this team except for occasionally being involved in nice interplay…but even this tidy footwork/passing is done in non-dangerous areas of the pitch.

I generally support younger players and really want them to do well…but I don’t think any top 6 side would take him if given the opportunity.

Age is on his side (turning 22 in May) but we need to be doing so much better if we are to compete for major trophies. If he’s lucky enough to get a chance under a new manager, he’ll be binned off after 12 months if he doesn’t show huge improvement.


Said before his ceiling looks to be good squad player at most.

There’s simply better young players out there in forward positions and most are within our reach to sign, not one to rag on our younger players but unless he starts to add some genuine output to his game he will most definitely get lost in the shuffle with the next managerial change.

If what you’re bringing is mostly good facilitation that may be fine for a CM but a forward or attacking midfielder at a top club needs much more it’s as simple as that.


He clearly has talent and a reasonable ceiling however, given he his offensive output this season, how long do we persist with him and hope the goals eventually ‘click’ for him. I think there’s probably a list of young attackers (that I don’t know, but blindly stating otherwise) that would offer far better output than he is offering right now.

All depends on who the next coach is and their ideals in how they set up the team etc. but right now I think it’s worth sharing his time with someone like Nelson who I think is at a reasonable level in comparison. And younger.


His decision making is frustrating. I think he has ability but really needs to be coached. Seems like he’s stagnated rather than having a breakout season.


like most of our players, bellerin, mustafi etc all turned to shit after having a good showing to begin with.


If he has as good a second half as he’d had first half this thread will still be silent.


Thread silent


Why don’t you comment then?

I’ll go then… He had a better than usual game. He adapted well to that central role, worked hard, some good touches and passing :slightly_smiling_face:


Went to bed early last night as I had to get my daughter ready for school at 6am, this I read the thread this morning :wink:


Didn’t get a lot of love for a sweet finish on his weeker foot.

Feel like he’s been pretty good the last few games.


Probably because everyone knows he’d never have a finish like that unless it’s a pre season and or meaningless game haha.