Alex Iwobi (17)


going through a bad run.

Might not play at the weekend anyways, cos of his hammy


Game like today, against this kind of team, he needs to score.


Still miles ahead of Welbeck in terms of usefulness for the team. Still creating massive chances in these bad performances of his while Mkhitaryan and the like create nothing.


Welbeck and Iwobi, just residues of their dads…




Simply not good enough .


I dunno, it’s hard to judge any player now with the shit going on. Feels like every player would do well under different regime.


Simply shit.
Together with Welbeck… Double shitburger




Roy Hodgson got Welbeck scoring for England
Wenger can’t get Welbeck scoring full stop .


It is really difficult to find attacking players scoring “absolute zero”.
Even shit burgers… no, shit players will score some odd goals here and there.
Sanogo scored 4 against BVB, right?
Bad management / bad coaching is one thing, some players are just bad.
Welbeck’s shooting ability is on par with Sanogo… Shit.


Has been very good today—2 assists (on Welbeck goals no less). It’s relegation fodder at home, but a good performance.


He got the pre assist on the other goal too :grinning:

But yeah, he gets so much abuse, it’s only fair we notice when he puts in a class performance.


Should’ve had the pre-assist on the Welbeck empty net miss too, absolute class to carve that chance out.

Have no doubt that if a good manager came in he’d see him as a really quality squad player.


I think he has the attributes to more than a squad player; besides Pierre-Emerick he played head and shoulders above the rest. Nearly everything that creative came from him.


Hehad a very good game, hopefully he can play like that more often.


Played ok. Just hope it wasn’t just because Southampton were poor.


I’m probably being glass half full here, but Iwobi and Welbeck both playing well means they should both have gained confidence – that’s good for our EL hopes, right?!


He’s obviously not a bad player, but he shouldn’t be the 3rd option either. Or even the starter when we don’t play Wilshere and Ramsey at the same time.


Agree on the second part, but let’s not forget it was Mark Hughes’ Southampton at home. But yeah, definitely wouldn’t rule it out him developing into something more than a squad player, just being cautious there, as it will depend on a lot of variables if he turns out to be something a bit more. In short, quality player who has gotten some truly strange abuse here this season, lol.