Alex Iwobi (17)


Also @Electrifying

For this, I agree.
He won’t be cheap (but not as expensive as Lemar etc.)

I had already said that, we (probably) not necessary to “upgrade” this position; I just strongly disagree that Draxler is not an upgrade of Iwobi. @mhappy wanted a suggestion and I answered to his question.

You want to have a shooter like Iwobi? I don’t bother to find that link out again… the one that was as weak as a kid.


Draxler? Nah Sven will have someone much better lined up. Malcom ? :henry2:


Malcom?? Nah~~~ :wenger:


Wish it were Gnabry :pensive:


Gnabry would have been nailed on starter for us and we would be discussing his flaws right now.
What a stupid move by him!


Nobody is happy with any player we have, most people all the faults want something new and shiny justified or not.

After a while every time a talent comes through, everyone is happy; then they go through a bad patch and times move them on. Iwobi is no exception he plays well it’s not good enough because he is on the wings and should score goals a plenty; he plays bad he shouldn’t be in the team squad player.

Like @Trion said had gnarbry stayed people would question his flaws or think why is he here. Lose lose regardless.


And the fact everyone wants a guy that went to one club, and after one season kicked a fuss for a move; got his move didn’t play to they standard and thus we should get him, add the fact fitness has been an issue on top of it.


Not really bothered what the peanut gallery thinks, yeah people would be criticising his flaws because that’s what people do, but what does that have to do with anything? Does the fact that Özil has been criticised for large parts of his Arsenal career mean we shouldn’t have signed him in 2013? Logic makes no sense.

Anyways, Gnabry > Iwobi and I like Iwobi.


He came with a name and stardom, so us fans had more patients with him cause we knew and know what he can do.


That’s not really the case.
Laca came with a name and stardom; Xhaka was not a nobody, he was good in Bundesliga; Mustafi was good at Valencia… I don’t see many of us have enough patience on them.

Back to your original response… nobody (or most) is happy with any player we have, is because we are not doing good enough. If we can’t change the manager, then the player(s) is the next one to be criticized.
If we play good football, serious competing in the league and Euro, I am sure the criticism will be a lot less.

Iwobi might have one good game against Everton, but for most of the season, he was the starter and we did not get the results. Someone got to take the blame, and I believe Ozil, Laca, and Sanchez all took their shares, and no exception to Iwobi.
However, when talk about changing players, it is normal that people want to keep the star players and get rid of the not-so-good ones.
If we can keep the winning streak and play good football, yes, we don’t really need to upgrade Iwobi’s position (so does the DM position). If we don’t do good enough, then he must be the first to get benched and we sure need an upgrade.


Xhaka people made excuses till halfway through this season :pouting_man:t5:, Laca well people just got fed up of not producing and still were advocating for him and mustafi people were split.

Wenger took the blame. Then people started looking at the team because hell some of the shit on the field left scratching your head. When is bad everybody is looked at yes that is true, but the level of crap coming his way is more to do with goals and how we can do better.


You’ve missed my point. My point is it’s not a lose lose because people criticising a better player than Iwobi is not actually a lose because what people say or criticise on this forum means fuck all. :slight_smile:




Might have to cop that.


Just saw this on Facebook and asked where the :fire: react is


And you’re even more shit.


Unbelievably shit cameo.


Stick to Instagram


One of the worst sub appearances I’ve ever seen and no I don’t consider that hyperbolic. Slightly redeemed by the late assist effort for Laca


Wasn’t it his ball that got Lacazette the chance he missed towards the end; yeah he was casual in two occasions where he was pressed by spurs, but after that tried to make things happen