Alex Iwobi (17)


Draxler, my suggestion


Wenger will coach it out of either of them


The icing on the cake ronniec
Draxler is some player . They should break the bank to sign him .


He can shoot, he can dribble, he is young, he has good international experience, he is 2 footed, he has the size and technique to protect the ball, he is s team player, and he is out of favorite at PSG…
He is definitely cheaper than Lemar.
In my opinion, he can be as good as De Bryune.
People don’t tell me you prefer Iwobi.


As ronniec rightly mentioned
Julian Draxler .
Absolute quality player . This is the type of winner we need right now .
‘One for the future ‘ doesn’t win the important trophies.


Him on the left with Mhki on the right would be quite good indeed.

Don’t tell @Trion though, he hates Draxler.


He is definitely talented, but he reminds me of players like sturridge, iheanacho and wellbeck.

Talented but lacking something to make it at a top club.


He’s not young he’s 24 and he has the same number of goals and assists in more miniutes than Iwobi (inc European comps) in a worse league while being 3 years older

I wanted Draxler 5 years ago after his break out season but since then he’s gone backwards and shown a poor attitude. He’s been at 3 clubs past that time and never shown good end product. He’s also on 180k a week IIRC, which makes it a non starter given how poor he’s been.


Elneny and Iwobi are solid squad players because they have the ability to at least retain a ball and keep things simple in possession. With them in the team at least a certain flow can be maintained. Which doesn’t mean they should be in the starting eleven, but also doesn’t mean we should get rid of them.





He benefits from the system and being surrounded by other ballers in the team. I don’t expect his individual performance to have a massive affect on a game however, he’s more of an integral piece needed to help with how we keep the ball moving. Can definitely be upgraded but do we buy a talent upwards of £30M+ or rely on his development and hope he actually improves? As long as he’s consistent in our current set up then I don’t see it as a massive need in all honesty. Other positions like a CM, CB and GK could do with upgrading before we think about the LW.


Definitely agree. There are far bigger problems than Iwobi, who isn’t even an issue IMO. He’s still young and learning and is nowhere near his ceiling. He will also benefit from having more established players in the camp like Mkhitaryan and Auba to learn from, let alone Ozil. The kids fine. Need to sure up our CM and defensive roles way before replacing Iwobi.


The discussion was not if we need to replace Iwobi immediately or not.
The discussion was, if there are options out there if we do replace him.

Same theory as I said on other thread(s). I think Elneny is adequate right now.
Is it better to upgrade? Yes.
Do we need to do it right now? Probably not. We have Jack, Ramsey, Elneny and Xhaka in this department, and you many add AMN on this list also.

If people still want to have an upgrade on this position, which we already have 4-5 players available, then I don’t understand why we don’t like to idea of upgrading Iwobi’s position.
We all don’t know Iwobi’s ceiling, but I am sure that Draxler (or whoever) is an immediate upgrade, you like him or not.


As someone mentioned above draxler is 3 years older, comparable stats with a shitty attitude not an upgrade in my eyes


If going to party the night before game day can be forgiven, what did Draxler do to get the crucifixion?
Yes, Iwobi is 3 years younger, so what? Inferior is inferior. Youth does not straightly mean “good”.

Whoever watched Draxler played before, can’t say he is not an upgrade of Iwobi.


Again if one is 3 years older and stats are almost identical if not worse how is that an upgrade


I don’t want to repeat these again…

He can shoot, he can dribble, he is young, he has good international experience, he is 2 footed, he has the size and technique to protect the ball, he is s team player, he can play all 3 attacking midfield positions, and he is out of favorite at PSG…

On Iwobi, he is 3 year younger, but there is no way to prove he has better “movement” than Draxler.

If we plainly look at the stats and can’t find the difference, how about adding a Gold Ball award as the best player of the Confederation Cup on Draxler’s resume and we weight again?

As a core player or side kick, I find no reason he is NOT an upgrade of Iwobi just because he is just 3 years older.


Problem with Draxler to me is that he’s got a big reputation and PSG aren’t going to sell him on the cheap. If there’s even an argument to be made between him and Iwobi then imo Draxler would be a huge waste of money. I’m gonna steal a page out of @Burgundy 's book and say we really should be spending that money on a guy like Malcom. Very young, huge upside, we probably could get him for half the transfer fee, and he won’t command big wages.

Regardless Iwobi is useful to us in that position and we have a lot of options there. If we are gonna invest in the squad it needs to be at DM, CB, and a creative midfielder. Don’t need to spend more on our attack atm.


Right now if you want to spend big money, an improvement in this guy should be wayyyy down your list.


If he doesn’t have goals to show for it, what good is this?