Alex Iwobi (17)


If anything that’s an exception to the rule, typically the huge talents have breakout seasons prior to that age and consistently kick on from there.

I simply don’t see Iwobi in that bracket.


I really can’t remember watching us with or without Iwobi and thinking we were having trouble holding onto the ball. How we hold on to the ball with no penetration is what I hate most about this team so I stand by the statement that Iwobi adds nothing in that regard.

And I see what you’re saying with your logic statement but if Iwboi isn’t delivering the goal threat we should be acquiring someone who can do what he does + that. Yes that statement was a little simplistic on my part.


I like what Iwobi gives to this team


That’s fair.

Lacazette isn’t that player.


He doesn’t have to be because he can move the ball well enough with the added bonus of being able to contribute far more offensively.


Why does Iwobi constantly need to deliver a goal threat. His link up play and ability to play inbetween the lines is his bread and butter. I genuinely dont get this obssession with his goal tally.


That’s pretty scary…
Laca could be a failure
Xhaka could be a failure
Mustafi could be a failure
We possibly wasted 100m and still seeing Iwobi to start “automatically”…


Because he’s in a forward position in a top club and Wenger is someone who doesn’t play with structure and organistation and relies far more heavily on individual brilliance, the type of which Sanchez et al can provide.

People used to talk down Chamberlain for his lack of productivity and Iwobi gets a pass because he can hold onto the ball and facilate play? Nice traits to have but that’s the minimum that should be expected from an arsenal player IMO.


Oxlade took away from the team, Iwobi adds to the team, he just doesn’t add enough.


he certainly doesn’t add anything that could not also be given by a much better player who also dribbles, crosses, shoots and scores better


I’m sure if you gave him 30+ starts he’d end up with goal stats that weren’t tragic for the 4th member of an attacking 4.


Replace him with a much better player

What a ground breaking idea!


Not so sure about that tbh.


I think we’ll see a lot more from Iwobi with the addition of Mkhitaryan (ie a slick, technical attacking midfielder) to the team as it gives him more passing/interplay options.

He is a player who will only thrive in a team with a high technical level. He’s all about one-twos, movement and quick touches.

I’m still not massively convinced by him but his performance against Everton was good.



your sarcasm adds nothing

either he is good enough or isn’t (or possibly might / won’t be in future)

I say he isn’t good enough, won’t get good enough and we should upgrade asap - based on watching him play

why should anyone think differentlythen?


Iwobi kind of reminds me a bit of Hleb in that he always plays nice moves in the final third. maybe the goals aren’t coming right now, but he is competent there.

He helps in counters, doesn’t fuck them up. Don’t get the hate tbh. At all. Fair play if we can improve on him, but in this system he is a good piece.


Definitely get the Hleb comparison but Hleb was a better dribbler. Iwobi is more of a ball-carrier. Iwobi is more like late-era Rosicky for me but not quite as good, Rosicky had more burst and a bit more quality too. But yeah, agree with you.


What’s the difference between a dribbler and a ball-carrier?


Ox and Iwobi


For all those wow thinks iwobi is shit please make suggestions.