Alex Iwobi (17)


I don’t hate him, I just said to all the people raving on about how we have a 30 goal a season striker before the season that you’d all be wrong that’s all.


Auba with Lacs on the wing is better than fucking Iwobi.

Iwobi is Fulham level Laca isn’t #Levels


Hopefully you’ll relax on your Laca hate now having realised that.

Laca on the wing is a non-starter. He simply doesn’t have the pace or dribbling ability. It would cancel out literally all his strengths, rather start Iwobi than put Laca on the wing. Only option is go two strikers or Auba on the wing playing as Theo, or Auba, did as a wide forward. Fluid front 4 of Laca, Auba, Özil, Mkhi/Iwobi should be viable tbh, I’ve probably been a bit too closed-minded about the idea of Auba and Laca playing together when it’s not too dissimilar between the type of fluid front 4s I’ve been advocating for Wenger to go with during my 5+ years on this forum.

FFS. You might’ve got away with this bit of bullshit if you were making a Kramer/Seinfeld reference with #Levels but I’m quite sure I can’t even give you that.


Time will tell but we looked good with Iwobi on the wing vs Everton, so I’m expecting it to stay that way for the North London Derby. I want 4 signings in the summer though, Winger, CDM, CB and a keeper.


Agree I want Mahrez or Malcom along with a new keeper CB and manager but until then Laca on the wing over Iwobi every day and twice on a Sunday


You will eat your words.


You invest more, so you gotta be more patient.
Handle carefully


I tried Laca as winger on FIFA and he works well there. Surely better than as CF.


Squad player at best

if we want to be back competing for big titles we are going to need upgrades in virtually every position

GK, RB, LB, CB, CDM and winger

and probably need more than one of each which is going to cost £££££££ and take 3 transfer windows

As I see it only really Ozil, Jack, Miki and Auba should be kept for sure - the rest moved on really. this is a direct result of the Wenger penny pinching strategy and why we are only good enough for 6th


Wow Fulham level get out of here seriously.

It seems people are underrating him hugely because he does score buckets of goals. Ignore the fact he rarely gets disposed, a fantastic dribbler and links up very well the only thing needed is to be a goal threat and chip in at least ten goals a season plus.


If you’re going to be one of the front three/four at a club like Arsenal then goal threat trumps everything else imo. We’re fine at holding possession and link up play with or without Iwobi so in that sense he doesn’t add anything.

Yesterday was certainly an improvement in that regard but whether he can replicate that on a regular basis I have my doubts.


He is not the archetype winger, he is more an attacking mid playing on the wings; of course with his dribbling skills he can play there.


The lad is only 21.

Give him time. Rest of his game is great.


As much as I like Lacazette, I think with Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Ozil & Ramsey in the XI we’ve got enough goal threat to field a player like Iwobi that adds more to our general play than Lacazette.

Add a more explosive 1v1 dribbler that’s a good passer and has end product and our front 4 is looking very good imo. Until then, play Iwobi.

Sancho :cry::cry::cry:


As I said before he’s 80+ games into his career. That’s more significant than his age. He should be showing these traits by now if they are going to be part of his game.

Edit: funny, looking back at my posts I was pretty convinced he was going to have a great season.


That quite frankly is not good enough for a starter at a top club.

And saying “the only thing needed is to be a goal threat” is much easier said than done, he has close to no composure in front of goal.

Unless he makes huge strides his trajectory is to be a good squad player, if those are still his main traits in 2-3 years perhaps he should be converted into a CM because you need much more to your game to be a forward in a top club.


Very few players show that side of their game so early in their career.

Coutinho the 100 plus million purchase by Barcelona never scored more than 5 goals in a season till he was 23.
Iniesta never scored more than 10 in his entire career and he spent fair share of his career in wings.
(no ronnie, I am not comparing Iniesta with Iwobi or vice versa)

Albeit he plays in front 4, his role is more of a metronome. He compliments our creative play perfectly. Needs some growing up to do and he will be a fine player.


Take this logic to it’s logical consequences and you have a potentially incoherent attack.

Not really true, and there are obviously levels/a gradient. We obviously have better control in the opponent’s half and ball retention ability when Iwobi is in than Welbeck, or Walcott, or Giroud.


As long as we are winning, or playing good football, I’m fine to let him start, even though I think he doesn’t deserve the automatic start for that many times.
If things are not right, then I want to see him being the first one to get chopped, not something like Laca rotating Auba but Iwobi still starting games


I laughed in real life :joy: