Alex Iwobi (17)


You’d think finishing is something that can be trained, fuck me he seems to really stagnate in that department


What was that garbled message on his Snapchat a while ago, something like “licking off shots no more sidefoot tings fam”?

Looking forward to that


He really shouldn’t be starting for us. Good squad option but not good enough to be in the first 11.

Was disappointed when he fucked that awesome counter attack when he shot right at their keeper to kill the game off


Side foot technique and power was fine, especially as he’s taking it first time with the keeper shifting across, but if he takes that on he’s got to place that bottom right. He had way more time than he realised.


And to think he scored in his first 2 games for us: Everton and Watford.


Quality dribbler on his day and great at des-equilibrising the opposition d line but difficult to look beyond a 1 in 10 goal record


Alex Hliwobeb.

I tried.


Pathetic, you can do better.


Alex Hlewobi.

Nah, nailed it the first time.


Had a really good firsts half; kept things fluid and easy.strong text


Completely agree.


A player completely gets benefit from great players playing around.


I’d have him as a starter for the rest of the season for team balance, but we really must sign a quality winger in the summer.


IMO, I don’t care about “team bance”.
Wenger looked for team balance for years and we were still crap and played shit football.

You don’t just send your 50m man straight to the bench because you bought a 60m one. It is really unfair and unjust.

Just play Laca with Auba, Ozil and Miki and see how the play, then evaluate and decide whom we should buy and whom we should send to the bench and sell.


No it’s not unfair or unjust, Lacazette has played 26 matches or so and only managed 9 goals.


You know how disjoint we were, right??


Let’s see how many goals Aubameyang has for us after 26 appearances, I’m tipping its more than 9.


I was actually looking up Laca’s stats on the Squawka comparison matrix and his passing, link up play stats whatever you want to call them are pretty impressive. Auba is an out and out striker though so I wouldn’t mind playing them both but Laca really should be pushed put onto the wing.


Who cares? How much does Lacazette have to cost to get benched? If he was only 40m it’s okay? Or 30m?


Why do you hate Laca so much :joy::joy::joy: