Alex Iwobi (17)


Not to be a downer but the true top tier talent have had legitimate breakthroughs by around age 23 at the most and in most cases well before then unless they’re late bloomers which is a rarity, Iwobi is hovering around that age and although he’s a good facilitator and technically good I’m not entirely convinced he’ll add the requisite attributes to his game to be what a top club needs from someone playing in one of the attacking positions behind the striker.

I do think he can be a good squad player but he doesn’t scream world class to me tbh and if he continues with the lack of end product in an age where Sanchez and possibly Özil are gone then you could see him badly exposed and the pressure may end up breaking him.


Hi is already a first team regular…

Gervinho has lightening speed… and a big forehead… much better dribbler and finisher than Iwobi.
Iwobi??? A big bag of weeds?


This idea that young players need time to develop…who are we talking about here? Senderos? Djourou? Bendtner? Iwobi is just another name to add to that list of players who came along, made a small, positive contribution for a bit of time but ultimately weren’t good enough. He’s 80 games into his Arsenal career which is far more relevant than his age.




They’re the same.


Gervinho was as bad as Welbeck when it came to finishing.


I can appreciate that Alex Iwobi absolutely has qualities. But I do not believe he is good enough with what he does possess to be a starting player for Arsenal and I also do not believe he has the ability to improve (and by improve I mean bring them in line with the rest of his attributes) on things he may not be very good at.

I could be tremendously wrong. It’s jmpossible to predict the trajectory of a young players career. I just don’t have faith that he will ever get to the level that I think some people may expect of him.


Absolutely not true.
Gervinho was a decent scorer.

A few seasons back when talk about missing sitters, Giroud missed way more.

I don’t even want to mention Welbeck… is he an actual forward, or DM playing front??


Much better performance from Iwobi today, Wilshere obviously our best player but I’d put him 2nd. No goal threat whatsoever but he looked more confident moving the ball around


Still fucking shit though.


Played really well linked up with ozil and took his goal nicely.

Well done.


Gotta say, he has always looked good on the ball and now a goal and an assist in his last two games respectively. Can’t complain about this guy if he keeps doing that!


Almost always looks good on the ball. There’s a sheepish mentality around from those who just call him shit. Only gets credit if he gets a goal otherwise gets thrown in the same category as Welbeck.


Trying to make up for party-gate


Played well but man he needs to stop trying to pass the ball in to the goal, and shoot properly :man_facepalming:t5:


if only there was a coach who could help him with this :wenger:


so triggered he didn’t score on that sublime pass from Meust -_- Iwobi has mad skills tho!


Imagine he took a touch and did a little flick lay off to Jack to walk it into the net!!! WOULDA BEEN SICK BRUHHH

But nah, he’s anxious as fuck to score and been reading too much OA.


whoah you are making way more sense than you ever have being the little stuck up bitch you normally are. Congrats Esteban ur cool now. How does it feel? Probably feels a lot like being a power bottom!!


If he develops the ability to retain the ball better in high risk situations, he’ll be moving up a level. You see it sometimes with Jack or Santi, holding the ball with two-three players huddled around them and a deft flick totally removes them from that position.

And finishing. But like Cuellar mentioned, think he’s anxious at the moment to try and get goals and heaping pressure on himself. That should come with time.


He is not a terrible player, but his finishing is awful. Would still keep him though.