Alex Iwobi (17)





Iwobi’s foot must still be drunk


If he didnt go partying he may have been 15.7% sharper


Clearly still drunk.


Hunger Index is little bit at zilchiofucking%


Good performance. Him and Wilshere were a class apart on the ball from the rest of our lot. That run for the chance was brilliant but he does need serious work on his final product. That wasn’t an easy chance to control though given he had options either side. People don’t want to admit it but for a 21 year old he’s progressing okay.


If he played for Stoke…


he’s shit, always will be

just like Oxlade was

how long are we going to keep hanging on to players that just aren’t good enough?


Iwobi has never been a particularly top talent and I believe I took a heckling for suggesting he wasn’t one of the best young talents in Europe.

The only reason people got high on Iwobi is because he was a young talent who reminded them of Wengerball. He could hold onto the ball and pass it around nicely. But there isn’t really much else going for him. He’s a very average talent and in the absence of any end product (and I don’t just mean goals and assists, I mean being able to produce good moments in the final third of the pitch that can help create or lead to chances) there really is no need for him to keep being a starting fixture here.


All the quality he showed when he made his debut for us has gone. He was also a good goalscorer.


When has Iwobi ever been a good goalscorer ? Or am I missing something ?


As long as we have a manager that keeps hanging on to players that just aren’t good enough :grinning:

After Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla leave, Iwobi is going to be a first team regular.


And as long as we have owners who keep hanging on to a manager who just isn’t good enough :grinning:


Youth level I believe. Think that’s how he made the jump to the first team.


Alex Iwobbly


I disagree with anyone who states Iwobi is not good enough.
Iwobi for me is a top talent who is still in development phase.

His development is not as fast because

  1. he is an AM & not a winger but AM is too big a position to rely on a youngster all the time & we have Ozil
  2. We are not doing well as a whole which will surely reflect on his game too.

His end product is only thing lacking in his overall game. Most often he is the only player driving forward & creating chances.
Much like Lacazette, things will click for them.


Yeah that doesn’t mean much though, didn’t Chuba Akpom score a bunch at youth level also ?


Maybe we should sell him since hardly anyone here likes because he isn’t the second coming of messi Ronaldo.


He just a 21 year old Gervinho