Alex Iwobi (17)


He’s probably out of his head.
Or got a hang over.


Don’t expect much support for our own from the people that showed zero respect for Gibbs last summer. Product of our own youth dismissed as an unambitious fucker.

Iwobi is 21 and just potential at this stage. Shown a lot of promise in his young career. Yet he only needs to be part of a few games where the team play like shit for the fans to turn on the likes of him and Holding.

Obviously this incident is unsavoury but fan response is even worse tbh.


Nando’s is cool, tbh.


Just because you get paid loads and have a privileged position because of a privileged talent doesn’t mean you stop being a human being, or in this case, a young kid.


No one is asking him to stop being a human. As a footballer there are plenty of appropriate periods to indulge yourself, however 48 hours before a match is not one of them whichever way you look at it.

If you’re a serious footballer you give yourself the best chance to perform to the best of your ability through proper preparation.

The wage Iwobi is paid a week, most people don’t even earn in a year. When you actually think about it we’re not asking him for too much to be consistently professional.


I’m not denying he’s made an error, he has, if he went out on Friday night, I’m just pointing out that the wage you are paid does not have any relevance in how much expectation we should have for a kid not to make mistakes. If anything his fame and wealth makes it even harder not to make such mistakes. It’s not his fault the society/system (by system I’m referring to the fact that a footballer makes so much) he lives in. And yes, to ask of any human being, especially a 22 yr old in a very unique position, not to make mistakes, is to ask quite a lot.


Support or favouritism? Because it seems to me like you’re conflating the two, has he been the victim of some great injustice or he in this position because of his own foolishness?

22 is a grown, if he fucked up in a legal sense he would be at the mercy of the law. He’s not an adolescent and should frankly know better with regard to his professionalism which seems to be the prevailing mindset of people on this forum as well as fellow fans, how that is more unsavoury than what he himself did is beyond me.


You are right, he’s a kid and it’s not a pattern of behavior atm. However at 22 he should be smart enough to know that the sky is the limit for him. If you work hard and perfect your craft you could find yourself playing for City making 10 - 15m per year. If you want to slack off and party you’ll be in the championship before you know it. Hope he’s got someone in his ear advising him, seems like he’s close with his family. You don’t want to get a that reputation.



Lol exactly, that’s a nonsensical thing to say


Richer, guys with more responsibility than him have done far worse things than this (and we don’t even have confirmation of what he did)


Someone else who is richer did something worse and therefore… ?

Don’t see how it mitigates his unprofessional behaviour.


What I am getting is he was the party that lasted till 3am :thinking: ok…so the selling point of the story is well arsenal lost the fa cup tie look what one of the players could have been doing before game.


I think it would have been a story anyway. It was just intensified by the result.


Hes been round the club to see what winning the Fa cup meant to the fans last year and lost focus on that. Should be dropped tonight. Fucking hell Giroud got worse for Bayern and we all got punished with donkey Sanogo.


If he starts he better play a fucking 10


The fact is that we basically no one available upfront. Same old with us: we do always come short during a period of the season.


Lacazette will play.


Ozil and Sanchez not :smile:


That toepoke from Iwobi was actually hilarious :smile: