Alex Iwobi (17)


For this point, I agree.
The Sun sucks…


Ray Parlour is having a Call esque transformation


Italians like the world cup.

Oh wait… :joy::joy::joy:


I’m writing him off because I think he’s shit. The lack of professionalism is just the icing on the cake.


Can’t see him scoring tbh


November 2007 and counting :giroud:


I am not a top level sportsman but I reckon I could stay up until 3ish on a Friday night and be functional from 4-6 on the Sunday. And staying up late is only a problem if you’re getting up early. No evidence here that he’s pissed or high or causing trouble or anything.

I really can’t believe this is front page news. In fact I can’t believe that this is back page news.


It all depends if you are staying up late to study, or playing TV games…
OR partying that involves alcohol and drugs and women…

Not necessarily is about your physical, it could be your mental and concentration.

Of course, Sun sucks.
You are right, no need to dig this news up at all. Front page, centerfold, back page… no need at all.


But you have training sessions on Saturday, so if you have not rested your body properly; you risk injuries or fatigue.
It need not a national news but it’s a disciplinary issue for me.


Wenger has a rule - no going out 48 hours before a match. He broke that rule and therefore should be punished accordingly!

Yes, i’m A stickler :nerd_face:


Maybe, but if you get to sleep at 4am and get up at 11am to get to a training session at 1pm, then you go to sleep at 2am and wake up at 9.30am witha kick off at 4pm, is the condition of your body really going to be any worse?

Unless you’re saying that dancing is risking injury, in which case I don’t know what to say :expressionless:

Btw I thought it was common practice that players didn’t really train the day before a game? (I may have made that up though).


Thing is where does it stop if you allow that? You give someone normal an inch and they’ll take a mile not to talk of pampered rich sportsmen.

I see the other side of it but it’s a behavioural issue and he violated a protocol that’s quite universal and so it should be punished accordingly, I don’t think it’s worthy of tabloids but it’s not in their nature to not sensationalise something like this.


Or do a Vardy and party all night, wait until your 28 to take your career seriously.


Oh that must be what Theo Walcott is doing


Maybe he gets paid handsomely enough to just do what hes fucking told.

He’s bang out of line. He’s a young player who hasnt done anything yet. If he was serious about his football he would respect his profession more. Its not so much the physical side of things, he’s young and can recover quick, but for me mentality is paramount and he has shown lack of respect there.


Actually younger ppl need more time in deep sleep than older ones. Deep sleep is really important for restoring the body and preparing your body to perform and peak levels. You can’t get that same type of sleep during the day because your body is wired a certain way and knows it’s day not night. People who work the night shift suffer through a lot more health issues because they have a poor pattern off sleep.

Besides that, yes it’s very poor by Iwobi to be a professional football player and behave in such a manner. A guy that gets paid millions needs to take his craft more seriously imo.


Plenty of time to party when your short career is over.



AC, Jules has more “hate” on Iwobi than I :wenger:


Hate unprofessional behaviour so much. You’re being paid thousands of pounds per week to do a job. I demand 100% professionalism at all times at this level.

Iwobi needs to be careful.


He often stays up really late, like past midnight, listening to shit music and he always seems to be in Nando’s. On Snapchat he shares every aspect of his life - though he hasn’t put anything up the last couple of days - I wonder why :speak_no_evil: