Alex Iwobi (17)


Argh, wish he could bring more. So wasteful in good positions


He just can’t score.


If we are serious this bloke will never be more than a squad player, if he is more than a squad player its because we are satisfied with being a mid table club.


Told you so, told you so…
He and Welbeck… Sigh…


Not seen him for a while, but has he been this laborious, lacking in movement and obvious confidence for many games?

We wouldn’t have looked any worse for Walcott or Welbeck getting on today


He shouldn’t be starting games for us. Not even in the dire state that we are in.


He is nothing similar to Iniesta…


He’s been this bad and worse, Iwobi has added as much as a limp dick adds to a middle aged swingers orgy


He’s not learning off anyone here. Needs some sort of guidance to up his game to the required level because the talent is there.


You’d think he’d learn from training and playing with Sanchez, Ozil, Pires etc.

I mean what more does the fucking guy need?


Iwobi is fine as a squad player, but starting for a top four club, when he clearly isn’t experienced or consistent enough, is another indication of where this club is heading.

Iwobi, Welbeck and players like AMN are the new Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez.
We might as well get used to it, because no top quality player is going to sign for the thrill of playing alongside Iwobi, Welbeck and Ramsey.


A good coach would be nice.


He isn’t starting for a top four club :sunglasses:


As soon as I posted it I realised that was wrong and was hoping no one would notice.

Well done Columbo :wink:


We managed to acquire Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez when we lost Persie & Cesc leaving behind players like Song, Santos etc.

We will be fine.


Sanchez and Ozil weren’t bought because Wenger had been chasing them for a few seasons.
They were top quality players at bargain prices.

There is no way Wenger is going to replace Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez with equivalent quality players because he won’t spend the 200m. or more, that he would need to do it.
He would rather stick with Iwobi and AMN.

Also what world class players is going to join a club where the only two world class players can’t wait to leave?
Could it be the lure of playing alongside Ramsey, Welbeck and Iwobi?

Even if we did replace them, which obviously we won’t, we would only be at the level we were a couple of seasons ago when they were all playing.

The first team needs a complete overhaul, but we will be seeing players in the first team, like we already have this season, but without the world class ones that are leaving.


Exactly same thing was being said after Persie, Cesc & Nasri left.
We bought Lacazette for 50m. Liverpool managed to purchase players despite being more shit than us; so I am sure we will be fine.


liverpool went about 4 years in a row out of the champion league and something like 5 in 7, yet have come back and now boast the attacking potential they have.

We aren’t going to sink like a stone, some clubs genuinely do have a safety net, called being ‘big enough’. Big enough to attract the quality needed to not fall any further. We’re always going to beat Everton and Leicester to a half decent player.

That said we’re well along the road now to adjusting our expectations (and having them adjusted for us) suitably downwards to that obvious 6th place. I predicted 7th this season but that would be fairly exceptional circumstances.

What odds a series of 6th place finishes over the coming seasons? I wouldn’t bet against it. The odd 5th thrown in there. We cycled 3rd/4th/3rd/4th for half a decade, this is just the next rung down the food chain


Lacazette isn’t world class, and it’s signings like him that are the reason Ozil and Sanchez aren’t convinced they should stay.

As for Liverpool, they are no worse than us, in fact they will probably finish above us and at the end of the season they will have three or four world class players.

They also show a lot more ambition than us in the transfer market.
Imagine Wenger spending 75m on a CB because we were short of quality in that position.
It took him five seasons to sort out the striker position, so that is all you need to know about his pathetic attitude towards buying players we are desperate for.

I will guarantee that we will be worse off after this season.
He needs to replace Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla, as well as a CB and possibly a GK, just to keep us at the level we are.
He won’t do more than one or two players who certainly won’t be as good as the ones they are replacing.

It’s no good saying Wenger will sort it out, because he never has and never will.
He has no ambition other than to prove he can be successful without spending like the top managers, and he can’t.


I think there is certainly an argument to be made that the chances of us signing equally good players again are far from good. We may be looking at some downgrades on top of a team that still has huge issues otherwise.