Alex Iwobi (17)


I like the way you keep comparing Iwobi to Iniesta.
Keep going.


He’s comparing their roles in a team/style of play. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Nowhere do I see anyone saying Iwobi has the same quality or is as good.


I said that in one of my responses.
Does Iwobi have the same role that Iniesta and/or Jack has??
Do they play the same style???
Next time compare Iwobi to Messi then.


Right, and he explained to you why they have relatively similar styles and functions, and none of it was incorrect really. Needs to create more chances because Iniesta in his best years created lots of chances, but then this isn’t a comparison in terms of quality/level of ability, and Iniesta’s superior level is reflected in the fact he created more chances.



If my initial thread saying that Iwobi did not have enough final third productivity, then why brought in 2 random players that have obvious roles and styles and abilities to compare to him???
Brought in wide player/winger into the discussion would be more appropriate I say.

Sorry for my stubbornness.


I think you read wrong, I think the style of player/function of Iniesta is similar. Iwobi is, like Iniesta was, a playmaker who starts from wide and whose main contribution is not his end product.


May be Ozil and Sanchez had the ball too much and rarely found Iwobi started the attack and initiated the give a go and finished with a deadly through ball.

I would like to compare him to Draxler, a wide player that attack from the side and regularly shift in.
Unfortunate, Draxler doesn’t play much this season.


Much more similarities between Iwobi and Iniesta’s styles than Draxler’s. That said, of course I’d trade Iwobi for Draxler.




I miss the big forehead, I miss Poldi, I miss Ox…
All had a specific task/usage on team and excelled in some way… speed, shooting, dribbling…
Very dynamic…

Sorry, maybe I was affected by the team’s performance… I just can’t see and feel anything on Iwobi.


His shooting is awful


WTF with his useless dribbling? Is he trying to emulate Sanchez? So annoying.


Just trying the Grammarly app. Scroll away, nothing to see.

Gosh, this thing is slow as heck. Ah just suggested me a comma thanks, Grammarly.
Weirdly no comma or dot between comma and thanks in above sentence.

Let’s check Hakuna Matata. Oh cool, it did well.




Working on his tekkers. Soon knuckleshot.


Played well today; held the ball well and found the right passes


Thought he was quite shit to be honest. Got an assist for Xhaka but he just laid it off really.


Thought he was one of our smartest players again. Making the right decisions and the right passes as usual. There’s hardly any trait more valuable than that in a young player. Rarely tries to do way too much unlike so many of our other players. Even when the team was awful the first half he tried to get us playing football again.


He has such quick turns, but so often his balll control, shooting and passing lets him down.


Mignolet gets full credit for the assist on that one. No way is that a legit prem goal - awful, awful goalkeeping.