Alex Iwobi (17)


I see him as more of a replacement for Ozil really, since I can see Iwobi getting more assists than goals but while still getting a better goal tally than Ozil.


Sky’s the limit for iwobi, It’s laughable people were trying to say young reiss nelson is a better prospect than iwobi of the back of 2 pre season friendlys


Nowhere near as laughable as people saying Iwobi was one of the best young talents in Europe at the start of last season.


Was their not some FIFA rankinging or official FIFA magazine that put him in he top 20 young talents and less people on the forum?


He looked good yesterday. Hopefully he can kick on and keep these sort of performances going all season


Would you not say any player that wins African young player of the year should be seen as up their with some of the best youngsters in word football?


It really wasn’t/isn’t laughable. Your obsession with this is a bit weird. Try and name 15-20 young talents in Europe playing at the first team level that are better than Iwobi. You won’t find it a simple task.


He litrelly just won “African young player of the year” in January, Its laughable to class THE BEST young African in world football as inevitable of he best in Europe aparently lol


Iwobi was nominated for Golden Boy to be fair.

He was doing very well but can equally be said the hype was overblown.


Yeah Iwobi has proven himself as worthy of the “most promising” and “best young talents,” but of course this doesn’t mean he will continue on to be a WC superstar - not many do.

It is also perhaps more of a case of being surprised by his emergence since there were other “more promising” young talents in the Arsenal system - I think even AW was a little surprised by his stepping up like he did.

I think many people (including me) had rated AMN, Nelson, and a few other kids as being brighter potential stars (and to be fair, they may develop and have better careers, who know?).


When iwobi broke into the ream the end of the season before last nelson was 14/15 years old lol


That’s true, but he already had hype from what I recall… .anyway, my point stands. I don’t remember when exactly, but at some point I had predicted AMN would be the one of the lot to make it…


Sorry i find it hard to believe you’d even heard of reiss nelson at the end of the season before last


He really needs to work on his attacking threat. Consistently be a danger to the opposition creating/scoring chances otherwise he’ll always be a player who has a decent patch of form (coinciding with Arsenal playing well) and then be the first to get dropped when things turn because his value added plummets. Sanchez in his worst games where everything bounces of him can still be the difference for us.

Even in iwobis best games he still rarely produces the goods himself.

He’s young so it’s fine for now but you can’t hide behind fancy footwork for ever if your only scoring 3 goals a season.

I hope he has the self confidence to actually want to go and be the difference maker. I don’t believe dele Ali is better then him technically for example.


Iwobi will have a much better career than deli alli good shout


Regardless of my Reiss Nelson knowledge timeline the point still stands lol… and was secondary to the larger point, which everyone seems to agree on other than you.

And the last comment about Dele Alli is silly - you are deciding to take specific words and interpret them for you own agenda.

Let’s give him a year or two, just like any other rising star at that age - the odds are against him having massive impact, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a recognized emerging star right now.


Doesn’t have to be Ali is incredibly productive and although he’s a cunt he’s a very talented one.

Not many players at a similar age putting up his numbers.


I will fully expect every good season alli and kane have as the last one in a blip of good form, the up coming season they are due to become Darren Anderson and Chris Armstrong trust me :clown_face:


I wouldn’t put money on it ha.


The only obsession is the one people have with overhyping our players. Iwobi has done absolutely nothing to justify that sort of tag. He’s a good player - seems to have a solid ceiling. But when you talk about Europes most exciting young talents Iwobi doesn’t and shouldn’t come to anyone’s mind.