Alex Iwobi (17)


Were you kidnapped by pirates?


What was the purpose of the trip? did you have a good time? See anything interesting?etc etc


Cooking bananas just blew my mind. I am not a man of the world.


Lol, this is classic OA. Been more chat about Plantain than anything Iwobi’s done for us in the last few months :poldi:


Simply because for the last few months he has barely been on the pitch lol so nothing much to say about him.


WTF is this dish? :expressionless:


Ha not to my knowledge

@sevchenko I went travelling many years ago through Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast. And then visited The Gambia 18 months ago just for a winter holiday. A very eye opening experience but a mostly enjoyable one :slight_smile:


How do you do all that, and not know what plantain is?


Great cameo. He changed the game for us.


he looked full of energy tonight, must be the bananas. BTW, those are not plantains on his birthday meal, is a banana.




Plantains are bananas…sure as hell aint apples!


They are member of the banana family. That’s like saying all melons are casabas.

Edit: fun fact… if you google casaba, in addition to pictures of melons. You get pictures of boobs.


they’re not the same, banana is a fruit and plantain is a vegetable… sort of


Really not sure why the hell he isn’t playing in Alexis’ spot and Alexis in Giroud’s.


Because he’s been very poor as of late and Giroud is doing the business.

Attempting to play him into form towards the end of the season would be nonsensical.


You don’t simply bench a player of that caliber. Ask Zidane.


Nice to see he’s bouncing back after some personal problems, proves Iwobi is thick skinned.


Love how Iwobi’s gone to Ibiza with his Arsenal top lol

Tinie Tempah could be his older brother :eyes:


Looks like Ushuaia.