Alex Iwobi (17)


You find news on Twitter much quicker than here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Boo hoo

Get back on the pitch and do your job :muscle:


He probably ran out of steam…


Iwobi back for awhile


He was always going to end the season this way , have some good form and get a good run in the team and since he’s a young player there would be the inevitable drop in form.

But instead of taking him out of the team earlier and protecting him Wenger as per usual opts to play him into the ground as practically a guaranteed starter which ultimately chips away at his confidence as his performances tail-off. Then suddenly he’s yanked from the team without a look in and the confidence is shot to pieces.

Young player management 101 from Monsieur Wenger.


Debuchy is pony worse than Jenkinson


So wait, giving a player chances to redeem himself and get more experience is worse for their development than dropping them earlier and not playing them now?

The thing Iwobi was never that amazing a talent. Good decision making, control and decent first touch but he was never pulling up any trees.



So it’s Iwobi’s 21st birthday today. This was his birthday meal. Someone please tell me that that is not banana. WHY WOULD YOU EAT BANANA WITH CHICKEN AND RICE?!


It’s plantain…a common staple in many places around the world especially Western Africa.



@Phoebica :facepalm: pahahaha. a banana :gabriel:

im dead.


Plantain doesn’t look like that, pretty sure that’s a banana lol.


Hey I had to ask. I’ve actually been to Western Africa too, didn’t come across it but they did have banana pizza which is also a common thing in Sweden. Eugh. Anyway a Plantain is a banana, a “cooking banana” in fact, so it’s not that stupid a comment :grin:


plantain (i have had it myself my mum is jamaican) tastes kinda like a banana but more savoury and it is a lot heavier to eat, it can be boiled (i dont like it like this personally kinda like a boiled potato taste with a hint of a savoury banana) or fried…fried changes the taste completely when its fried it tastes like a sweeter frittered banana sort of with a savoury hit, it is really quite nice. Go ahead and buy one they are cheap as chips from any african/west indian store sometimes even can get them in normal stores…just buy one and fry it got a really nice flavour which is unique.

As you can see when it is fried the natural sugars make it crispy but sorta gooey also with a bit of a bite all at the same time, its quite sweet but then it has a slight savoury hit, fantastic in a batter like a fritter or on its own, so if you love banana fritters or flavours like that this will be right up your street.


Plantain is the bomb


tough shit. its your turn to be mocked. :poldi:


I didn’t realise we took turns. But fine, I’m happy to provide the evening’s entertainment. My bill will be in the post :smile:




How many ways can it be interpreted?