Alex Iwobi (17)


Can’t blame the lad, shouldn’t have played nearly half the games he has. Looks like he be a good solid squad player for years to come, don’t think he be a world class talent imo. Looked well out of is depth tonight, Wenger once again been too loyal and not been ruthless enough. Should have started Welbeck instead.


This is why so many of us wanted to sign a wide player in the summer. I like Iwobi and he is definitely promising, but there’s no way he should basically be a nailed on starter for a big side. He isn’t good enough yet to be a nailed on starter, and it’s probably detrimental for him to be played so often at this stage.


Much bigger problems than Iwobi. It’s normal to be invisible when the base of your team is more broken than Bruce Jenner’s sense of self. He’s good at dropping deep and participating so he’s probably doing about as well as any ‘winger’ can do in such a set-up.

But yeah, it would’ve been nice to have another option with a bit more pace and power and end product, but also with similar quality on the ball. Like say, Gnabry. :wenger:


We’d be in the exact same position with Gnabry, Look at PSG, that’s the sort of result that you get when you have players like Di Maria and Draxler on either wing. We’re like a goddamn charity that lets inner city kids with “some” talent play with Alexis Sanchez for the day.


Gnabry wouldn’t solve a damn thing. We needed a top level player, not another low impact winger that may or may not come good in 3 years.


I like Iwobi, but he looked so out of his depth last night


Of course he was. Young, inexperienced and not particularly disciplined. He had no right starting that game last night despite what Abou Cuellar says about him.


Both Robben and Lahm had their fun down his side. Not that you’d really expect Iwobi to have the better of them but it showed that the game was too big for him.


I think people need to remember that Robben and Lahm would demolish most players.


That’s true, though it also means that you have to be a lot more switched on and aware of what is happening. Also when the opposite full back is having too much freedom it also means that he’s not too worried about what the other winger is doing, so there’s definitely the argument there that he is just not quite ready for a game like this.


Draxler was available in January, not sure how much effort we put to get him, or we never showed any interest at all.
Draxler >>>>>>> Iwobi


Wenger should have listened to this.
To start offensive mind Gibbs and inexperienced Iwobi on this side?


Welbeck and alexis really were needed tbh.


Once PSG went sniffing around, we probably weren’t in the running. Needed to take care of that earlier… a day late and a pound short - our transfer business.


PSG’s result has very little to do with having players like Di Maria and Draxler on the wing. Firstly Di Maria doesn’t even really play on the wing, secondly we have two players of similar or perhaps better level in Özil (yeah, come at me knee-jerkers) and Alexis, and you see how much that’s worth in our set-up.

PSG’s result was down to an absolutely shocking, Arsenal-esque performance from Barça, and PSG playing well enough.

Gnabry may not be a world-beater yet, and of course he wasn’t going to solve our problems, but that’s the point; neither can Iwobi in such a set-up, he’s destined to fail in a game like this with a set-up as horrific as that, so I don’t really see the point in singling him out. That’s the point. Gnabry I just brought up for kicks and because I think Gnabry and his qualities would suit us very well, Iwobi-Alexis-Gnabry would’ve been my first-choice team selection in league, and given that Iwobi-Alexis-Walcott was actually working pretty decently before Cazorla went down, Xhaka got suspended, Coquelin and Ox kept playing, and our team broke more than it already was.

@ronniec I wanted Draxler in January too. If Gnabry were still here and performing I probably wouldn’t’ve cared too much but yeah, Draxler was a simple and obvious signing that we could’ve and should’ve made. But I don’t see our reality being any different right now with Draxler, which is again the point, in fact I expect he’d probably be getting called a bust right now and getting similar criticism directed his way as Özil and Iwobi, as for a more advanced player in this set-up it’s impossible to make an impact. Honestly, in such a set-up, we’d be better off with a Victor Moses type–or last night Welbeck–who is just going to put in a shift and really work in defence. The quality of Draxler or Iwobi is pointless if they’re not going to get the ball in any kind of remotely threatening situation.


Can’t agree more, AC


Only PSG in the way but I guess they’re easy to ignore


Anyone else thinking Iwobi needs to be dropped for Perez from this point on? Can’t help but feel if we are going to get this last FA cup under Arsene he will play a huge part.


Don’t think anyone will disagree with you on that. Iwobi’s a great talent that Wenger is overplaying. He needs a rest.


I can think of a certain hipster… :smile:

The thought of Welbeck Alexis Perez (or some combination of the above) as our front three just fucking excites me beyond belief.

If we could just sort out our fucking midfield for half a second we might actually look good again.