Alex Iwobi (17)


Thought Iwobi was excellent 2nd half yesterday

Was causing them all sorts of trouble until he was switched!


Ehm. Whilst I think his work regarding youth players is slighty overrated at the same time there are very little topmanagers out there who give chances to youth players.


Don’t disagree at all. When I say I hope they get a chance under a manager where they can be in a set-up where they can have real success I mean I hope they can play for a manager under which they can win important titles, because at least a few of those players certainly have the quality to make it at the top level, starting with Iwobi and Holding of course.


Our new deep-lying playmaker on saturday :wenger:



Even if Sanchez or Ozil leave this summer, having this guy around represents the big hope of the club going forward I think. Really like him as a player and he looks the right sort of character from what I’ve seen on the Arsenal videos as well, level-headed and humble. Contrast with Frimpong etc


A football video with a banging tune makes it so much better! :sunglasses: Great watch. Iwobi is such a baller

  1. Alexis
  2. Iwobi
  3. Ozil



My problem with Iwobi is that he lacks the end product. Wilshere was as exciting to watch when he was his age or younger but look where he is now. I actually think Wenger is at fault for Wilshere’s development because he protected/restrained him too much when he was young and wild. Hopefully Iwobi will emerge as a complete player in the next several years and wouldn’t stall as Wilshere did.


He’s still a kid and has produced some very tidy finishes. I hope with age and confidence he will grow more clinical, but he has shown considerably more end-product than for example Oxlade-Chamberlain did around his age.


The only fault in jacks development is his glass ankles tbh.



@Phoebica will disagree, but Iwobi is really not good enough, sorry


Untouchable why?

Should not be nailed down in the starting XI at all.


Should not be in the starting XI at all


He’s simply not good enough to justify the amount of minutes he’s getting. Shouldn’t be starting regularly for a club with real ambition


He’s not getting into the starting line up of any other top team.

Says plenty.


He is just a project, and Perez should start ahead of him (not this game because of injury) long time ago.


He’s only getting the minutes he’s getting because our wide options are so diabolical.


He’s still in his infancy so cant put too much on his head. Its the manager’s fault for giving him too many minutes.