Alcoholic Beverages

Not sure if it’s a Blade but @CliftonGeraldi and @Castiel have similar systems.

Maybe @BizzySignal as we’ll? Can’t quite remember.

I know Clifton and Castiel loved them, I’m tempted but beer makes me gain so much weight and I can’t just do 1 pint lol

Two of those people are MIA. Shame. They were both good and frequent posters before that.

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Yeah I was just thinking that, really miss Bizzy and Clifton they were quality posters


I tried alcoholic water (hard seltzer) in a pub a few weeks ago as my mate seen it in the fridge when we were getting pints earlier on.

I have to say I actually quite like it. Very refreshing. Really like the lemon and lime ones

Isn’t alcoholic water just vodka. Well it is to me anyway

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Was going to say the same thing :sweat_smile: Or is it basically just vodka/gin and tonic?

No it’s basically made from hops, it’s actually kind of similar to beer.

White claw and the like has been huge in the us for ages, and it’s starting to make an impact on the market here. It’s essentially marketed towards girls scared of putting on weight and Frat Bros also worried about their weight haha

I’m not a huge fan of them, I don’t think they taste particularly great


Yea tried a few and they were all pretty trash

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That’s the stuff starlight drinks in the boys lol


Haha yep, that’s pretty much the target audience. Petite little white girls that want to watch their figure but also get white girl wasted haha

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Hard seltzers just taste like slightly flavoured sparkling water. About 100 cals per can (which range from 250ml to 330ml).

If you’re calorie conscious then worth a look if you still want a lighter drink that isn’t just straight vodka / gin. But don’t expect much in terms of taste, they’re all quite bland tbh.

I want to give a shout out to Jameson Orange. It’s described as a spirit drink and is 30%. Tastes lovely straight on some ice (almost like an old fashioned), or if you want a taller drink then with lemonade. Excellent value too as always with Jamesons. Lovely.