that’s my tipple… Lovely!


Been drinking a lot of Casamigos Reposado with ice and lime.

Yummy, unpretentious, sipping tequila.


That’s a proper drink :+1:t2:
Have you tried Pepsi Ginger with Scotch ?
It’s a bit of a randy rascal :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:


I do like scotch and ginger…but has to be the right scotch…Glenfiddich is right for that!

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You are all bad people. Not one of these drinks is pleasant to the non-drinker.

I don’t drink regularly (about 5-6 times a year at most). But drank on two consecutive days now, i.e yesterday and today.
Had a drink on two consecutive days for the first time in my life. Feeling like an alcohol connoisseur right now lol


Not very strawberry-y. I think if you poured it into a glass and just described it as lager I wouldn’t even notice. Which isn’t a bad thing as such, took a punt and thought it may well be rank.


Nice. Goes well with our pre match top :joy:


Have you tried the Banana bread beer…that is quite nice (well if you like banana) it literally does taste like banana bread. Usually when they have flavourings in beer you don’t taste them like chocolate stout etc but i think that is quite nice.


This sounds horrible. Do you like it? I remember having toffee cider once and that was dreadful.

i quite like it, it has a banana malty sorta taste…as i say it might not be everyones cup of tea but to me it does remind me of a banana loaf but not as sweet.

Banana Bread Beer used to be a goto beer for me about 15 years ago. It dates back way before you had all these hipster beers because it’s a very solid beer that works. Haven’t had one recently though, to testify if it’s still up there.

@Phoebica it’s a proper well thought out ale, if it’s what it was.

On another note Marston’s Old Empire IPA is 1.25 in Morrisons right now, which is very decent price for a pretty decent IPA

Cheers OA


Love the tropical notes in that beer. Offshore is a great pint if you like that kind of flavour, top 3 beer for me.

Asahi is my favourite beer I reckon, much more common on tap these days. Can’t go wrong with a Guinness extra cold either. Very standard but goes down a fucking treat. Can chug 6 or 7 easy without realising wtf has happened.