Albert Sambi-Lokonga

Vincent Kompany has a massive stupid head btw

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The problem isn’t with the punt we took on @Stroller.
The problem is with the club seeing he isn’t good enough and allowing this to continue.

Any logical club would’ve be looking to shift him last summer and bring someone else in.

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Agreed. Sort of compromised because of this small squad situation and that sadly means we still can’t in this window either.

I don’t think it was unreasonable to keep him for this season. They maybe could have even considered a loan if we had done more in midfield over the summer.

I think it’s more or less obvious he’s not going to make it here. It’s not the end of the world. We’ll make our money back and try again.

Let’s hope Burnley get promoted so block head can buy him.


I think at this point in his career, if he hasn’t impressed to the point where he’s giving Arteta a conundrum of who to start in midfield, then it’s over for the guy.

I was a big supporter of his when he came here because it represented something nostalgic in the form of buying a player at a relatively low fee that had a lot of promise. I thought with time he might stamp a claim but Arteta clearly doesn’t want to rely on him.

I think Sambi needs to be loaned out to an English club or simply sold. Patino maybe steps up and takes ASL’s squad position next season.

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As soon as Arteta said we bought him for a different role(#6) and he was more comfortable playing as an #8 the signs were there.

There wasn’t anything more damning when Ainsley and Mo were performing much better than him during preseason.

He couldn’t do what we bought him for and two players that were already here, one that was heading out and one that was re-signed at the last minute have been better than him.

We almost paid 30m for Luiz on deadline day when we had him available.
You can tell me at the time he was the only available player to play as a #6 but then again, Nketiah is the only striker available now and the club is in no rush to sign another striker.

The guy is fucking shit, he’ll never make it here, and we’re supposed to rely on him as cover if Xhaka or Partey are injured. It’s embarrassing.

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Loan him to Marseilles next season

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now subbed…now leave

Give not loan

I mean there’s nothing wrong with moving a player around. White was bought as a centerback but is possibly the best rightback in the division.

We bought him as cover for Partey but he doesn’t feel comfortable there.

We have players that can play as an #8/#10 better.

He’s lacking in what we bought him for and he’s surplus in what he can actually do.

The club should have acted then.

Sell this month if we can, or at least a loan.

I plead we bring the midfielder signing forward and get rid of him, even as a loan.

He’s genuinely pointless. Very likely he doesn’t get a game again for the rest of the season.
No way he plays against City in the FA Cup and he certainly won’t play in the EL again for us.

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I’d get rid of him even without a replacement.


Do we have enough players to make the bench? :rofl:

Name 8 subs, it’s the same thing as naming Lokonga.


Absolutely fooking sheet Sambi.

My god. What an awful awful player lol.

Blanco did an excellent job at CB. Sambi hasn’t done a good job anywhere. And he’s not that young to where you could argue he needs more time to develop.

Loan and/or sell.

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