Albert Sambi-Lokonga (Loan: Crystal Palace)

Regressed badly. Looked a real talent when he first signed. I’d like to see a loaner come in.

Can we really get a loan player though. Felix was an exception to the rule and came with strings.
Not sure clubs are too willing to entertain these deals.

A player of the ability of Felix is an anomaly. A serviceable back up should be possible though.

How long was Xhaka an absolute liability? Eddie was useless his first 5 years at the club, he’s the same age and he’s just now coming good after a sustained run of games. How many MF players hit their prime before 24-25? He’s had zero minutes. He’s been thrown on in a position he doesn’t play when he does get minutes. And any mistake he makes is met with an immediate hook from Arteta. But sure, sell him… he’s shit. We’ll get half what we paid. But what do we care, it’s not our money… right?

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When do you want to give him this run of games?
Slot him in now like Eddie then?

That’s not my point. Everyone has made the decision that he’s a shit player and a lost cause on the basis of nothing. Maybe loan him? Give him a chance to raise his value a little? FFS.

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Well, that’s not true now is it?

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Ok. You have volumes of data from which to draw your conclusion. My bad.

On the other hand your left with a YouTube video to counter the argument.

No need to get pissy.

People have seen him play and are not impressed, that’s surely more than enough to base an opinion on. Yes, Xhaka has eventually succeeded here but that doesn’t mean this dude will.

For every young player that signs for a top club there are scores of others that never make it, that’s the game and his place in the pecking order supports the view that it is not going to happen here. It’s no shame to not make it at a top club like I said that’s the game.

Difference between cases like him and Eddie is that Lokonga has been given chances, multiple times. Never made a case to start over someone else.

Arteta himself signed him on recommendation from others. He has every reason to give him chances and make him want to succeed.

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Both Xhaka and Eddie also have far more pedigree in countries with stronger competition.

It’s obvious why they have been give more opportunities

It’s a ruthless sport anyway. Willock, AMN, Ceballos, Torreira, Guendouzi and others have done more at Arsenal in a worse time and are gone.
I can name you standout performance from pretty much everyone. Can anyone remember a standout performance from Lokonga?

Here are his chances btw:

Too many starts, zero results.


Not sure if he really started that many games for us.
He only played limited number of games for us

26 official starts so far at Arsenal(18 months). For a youngster that’s plenty, especially at a club like Arsenal.

38 league games, plus FA Cup games, League Cup games, EL games, plus a few more misc games… in a season

how could 25 or 26 games (all started?? No way) in 1 1/2 seasons can be called “plenty”??

Anyway, I won’t shed a tear if we get rid of him, but I believe he deserves a bit more time and chances personally.

Yep, 38 appearances, 26 of them were starts.
Unfortunately for him, it’d be hard to get more chances at the club now that we’re properly competing. He missed the boat.

Unless we pull off a huge midfield signing in the next few days, we’re going to need Sambi this season. There will come a time when we’re going to need him in a big league fixture or even run of fixtures.

Arteta clearly doesn’t rate him and wants to get rid in the summer. But this is where he needs to really show some man management skills. He might not be Arteta’s guy but he still could be integral to our title challenge, so the boss needs to build up his confidence and try to get the best from him. He should really start against City tomorrow.

Start him tomorrow in the Partey role. Sink or drown. He’s had enough chances to swim.

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There is no good reason to give him game time (in the league) right now. The potential downside is too much.

Was different for say AMN when you could see how he might outperform someone in a side finishing 8th but you don’t mess with what we have right now unless you have to.