Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)

Exactly, that’s what Mikel said but this is the second player saying that they haven’t got enough communication from the club.

Same answer to your post @Stroller.

There is definitely something going on with the club. We heard before that Edu and Arteta simply couldn’t handle all the tasks at the club. They wanted to bring in Wenger in as well to help.

Why would anyone in their right mind trust anything Arsenal has to say about anything?

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Unlike you who didn’t question anything when Wenger was here I do question things about all aspects of the club.
That includes the players, the manager, the board and the owners.

Lol AMN been trying to call and been left on two blue ticks. You’re getting ghosted bruv


I honestly don’t blame the club, he’s probably calling them to let them know he’s a cm not a right back for the millionth fucking time.


Seriously, are you his brother?

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Are you Bellerin’s girlfriend? :grin:

No, the restraining order prevents that


Palace need to replace half their squad, don’t they?

£12m plus adds-ons if Palace don’t have any competition.


Yeah, I saw someone suggesting they’ll be looking at him, especially with Nuno coming in.

Check the Palace thread…

Do it. Good level for him.

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Wow. :rofl:
Lampard/Howe back on maybe.

I think Palace can be a very good project for a young manager. I would stockpile on young talent if I was them. Nevermind AMN, they should be looking to get Nelson and Eddie on the cheap as well.

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Would be a top signing for Palace

He specifically said

‘I think it was about £25m’ - there were reports it was below £20m. So he might be incorrect.

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What’s the latest?

Saw some Watford links thebother day but nothing reliable.

So far what we’ve heard is that he’s coming back for preseason. Same for Willock.

He’s favourite with the bookies to go to Crystal Palace.

All the big clubs then.

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