Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


Wilshere is definitely expendable if we continue investing time into AMN and Nelson


Playing well and very maturely, looks super comfortable in the middle.

Jack can jog on.


Can’t wait to see him evolve into a top player next season, he’s got it all.




Yeah was really impressed with him. I especially liked how he just brushed Matic aside, like he was nothing.

He was fearless today, so cool and composed. A MOTM performance.


Sure shut me up lol. I thought he was a bang average player but looked the business today.


You said he would eventually be playing in the Championship? :rofl:

Will be interesting to see his development under the new manager as it sure could go that way but I hope not, he’s got some talent to be nurtured.


Amazing that it took Wenger this long to give him a chance in the middle. Wenger’s handling of the EL group stage games and the first half of the season in general was just utter shambles.


Yeah, i thought he couldn’t play as midfielder, but today he did well.


He played as midfielder against Ostersunds and was poor.


Indeed, when was that, February? So it took only 5 months of the season for his first start in midfield to come, having played 6 group games against Köln, Red Star, and I honestly can’t remember the other team.


yeah thought the ostersunds game showed why he shouldn’t play in CM, but heard he was good today (didn’t really pay too much attention)

Maybe is well-adapted to the PL.

Hope he keeps it up. No chance of him getting Wengified, but let’s see if he gets Enriquefied or Allegrified lol


To be fair everyone was shit against Ostersunds


This thread reminds me of when everyone thought Coquelin was the best DM in the PL. I want you all to walk and look in the mirror and state aloud ‘AMN isn’t all that good’. The first step is admitting it addicts.


The situation seems a little bit like the ox situation. Us sven-like talent evaluators knew he’d be a good fit in the middle of the park, but Wenger persisted with him as a wing back.

AMN has mostly played as a wing back this year and I really liked him there but if he was given time to develop he might be really good as a CM. Dare I say that he had some Czorlaesque moves today to dribble around the likes of Herrera and Matic?

On a different note if we do end up losing Bellerin to Barca (hopefully in that Dembele swap deal :crossed_fingers:) having AMN to play there would soften the blow. Defensively he could improve but I know he’d be an instant upgrade in attack.



ahahaha i love it. Fair play, I’d like to see AMN further develop at CM in this case.


Lol that was beyond laughable but believe me I’ve read much worse on this forum.


Me too, someone one time said John Stones was world class :joy::joy::joy:


new contract for the lad. buzzing !


Hes now #15 @shamrockgooner @Bl1nk :slight_smile: