Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


Problem with many individuals who strike off marriage, house & kids off the list because that’s how everything works in society; rather than them genuinely wanting to be parents whilst being financially stable enough to give the kid proper childhood & education.

I have seen so many who are now so much in debt because they didn’t realise how expensive marriage & having kids can be and now they are just going through motions with their life.
Not that I am in much better position but at least I didn’t deliberately stagnate my life.

One needs to have certain amount of financial stability & maturity to begin a family especially in this modern expensive life.


Personally don’t get why she does not have a job she almost ruined is prospect. I’m happy he steped away from her she clearly has taken no agency for her decisions and tried to ride in his success.


What a cunt, I mean okay his mum clearly seems to have issues but letting your mum be homeless while you’ve hit lifes jackpot FFS I hope the cunt gets his leg broke


She nearly ruined his career…

Doesn’t matter if she is his mother they aren’t one entity, he is just getting on with his life fair play to him. She is grown she should have a job and a home.


You’ve got literally no idea what kind of a mum she’s been to him throughout his life, absolutely absurd for you to be such a cunt as to wish a broken leg on him.


Absolutely laughable post. You’re not privy to his personal life, upbringing, anything. She could be an absolute cretin for all we know.


If you read the article, you can see that he paid for her Australia trip, asks for her situation & sends her hundreds of dollars regularly.
She is just not financially responsible as an adult.

No matter how shitty my mum would be, I would probably get her a room on rent if I earned as much as AMN does but we don’t know the real truth as to why he has distanced himself from her. It could very well be to give her a reality check to get her sorted or what not.

It is not just him but also his older brother who has distanced himself from her. Clearly that indicates that she is not exactly an ideal mother to tag along.


Didn’t expect this one.


I wish I was lying


She might be one of those manipulative people that have nothing to his life always saying how her life would’ve soooooo different if she never had the kids and was made to feel shit all the time. He starts doing well for himself then all of a sudden it’s like 'i have done so much for you if I never had you I could have done this that and the other you owe ne’er and he tries to help her out and then she does the dirty on him all the time asking for more and more whilst emotionally kicking the shit out of him. Then he gives up stands up for himself and tells her to do one…then she is straight to the press, those sorts things should be between her and him not the whole fucking world that action seems very manipulative to me and there are far too many shit at parents out there like this that treat their kids like a burden then when the goings good they pull the bullshit either that or they live their dreams through their kids forcing them into things they don’t want to do to appease them and keep them sweet.


Could very well be the case but part of me wants to give her the benefit of doubt that she means well as she raised AMN well enough to keep him focused on his football.

One thing for sure is that she is just not financially mature.


She didn’t help out; he discovered on his own playing randomly.


I mean are you personal friends with AMN or are you just guessing that his mother played absolutely no role in him becoming a footballer?


His talent got him where he is and she nearly messed that up twice…


I thought he was a CM. Can’t even play here.


Think he’ll be moving along in the summer. Championship club looking to come up sort of level.


I thought he looked good made some nice passes.


OA are very critical of our young players


What a lovely first half from him seriously.


Yup looks really fucking good to me.