Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)

I will repeat this. Arsenal needs to take care of the situation now. A large section of our squad still backs Ozil. He has a huge influence in the locker room. You absolutely don’t want to go under a bad spell with Ozil being around.

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You can read that two ways tbh. We can talk about it if he wants. Could imply going over a disagreement.

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Well this, in conjunction to a lot of our players liking his statement on social media doesn’t make me think that.

At this point Ozil is just an Instagram celebrity.

There’s really no reason for him to be “around” if he’s not even registered for any competitions.

He can train with the U23s if he needs to remain fit but he’ll soon be forgotten if he’s out of the picture.


Yeah, he needs to be distanced at this point.

Regardless of if I agree with Ozil’s exclusion it doesn’t make sense letting a very outspoken player who has nothing to lose be around the dressing room.


Players can’t get him reinstated to play and there all pretty mercenary at base level. Don’t think they’ll be building any barriers just yet.


They might love Ozil, but they love Mikel more.


Clearly he’s talking about Mesut being left out of the 25.

Not so clear if they agree with him or just sympathise a bit.
Either way nothing can change now.


Of course AMN is speaking up, being a fringe player that was transfer listed.

Nobody’s speaking up for Ozil and nobody would. There was a lot of behind the scenes resentment about how much he earned and what he produced, resentment about the concessions Wenger would make for him.

I can’t imagine the players were too impressed with the sheer number of injuries he has had too and his mysterious absence from certain away games with this back injury or the flu.

The fact is Ozil isn’t turning the squad against Mikel, I can guarantee you that. He’s, as Craigie said, an Instagram celebrity now.


AMN doesn’t even start games anymore…
We’re back in February it seems.

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We’ve got a long season and not much depth. He’s going to get plenty of games. People might not like this but Arteta still developing and not really knowing his best team yet.
Partey arrival might and should accelerate this.

Not sure about not having depth. Sure, there is a disparity in quality between the choices we have but we’re more than good when it comes to numbers.

These players need to get games under their belt to perform and our starters need to get enough rest too.

Love Arteta but the way he is so picky in his selections (whatever the game is) doesn’t sit well with me.

There are still 5 games left in EL so hopefully he starts giving more minutes to others too.

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Another game unused. The fuck did he do now?

And this is the answer to what exactly pertaining to last night’s game?

He’s better offensively than Bellerin. Plus, he can offer support in midfield, like he has done before Saka came back into the side.

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Wouldn’t of been a big difference yesterday though would he.
Far more deep rooted the problem with yesterday’s performance.

How would it not?
Ainsley offers a greater threat forward and would’ve supported the lacking midfield yesterday.

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It wouldn’t though. We where more than an supporting defender short of changing the shape of that set up.