Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


kid’s good tho.


Better as RB/LB/WB than CM. He is a CM though :rofl:. That’s so weird!


She is 38 and her eldest son is 23.



What’s your problem with that?


that She was 15 when she conceived her first child?

Edit - 14


And why is that an issue for you?


Why is that not an issue for you?
That’s fucked up


This is the reason a lot of kids fail in life because of shit single mothers.


It’s not an issue for me because it has nothing to do with me.

Teenagers having sex and getting pregnant is just reality and always has been.


There are a lot of mitigating issues that some people never ever taken into account. They just throw on their judgment cap and cast it at people without ever thinking about the varying circumstances.

Some people are victims of their circumstances and some people are just teenagers who have sex and get pregnant. I’m not entirely sure why it bothers you just because it doesn’t fit in with your idea of how the world should be.


Fine. Shit happens once.
Then she goes on to have Ainsley at 18.



Because 90% of the time, such a scenario doesn’t bode well for either-or or both kids & mother.
In this case, she is a 38 year old adult who is financially dependent on her kids who have just started earning.


Clearly she isn’t; back in the mid to late 90’s England had a huge problem with teen pregnancy.

Teenagers got to get free housing and money.


This woman is 5yrs older than me with two adult kids, in contrast my daughter just turned 6 I work and earn enough to have her pay rent and still have money left over.


I mean there’s just no validity whatsoever behind that statistic that you’ve just plucked out of thin air.


Soooo, talking about football again, was ok today but made big errors, including a ridiculous pen… for a defender, that = bad performance… probably needs to find more regular position, but that stupid effort was all on him. Still like to see him get more of a chance at DLP/DM, but I doubt that happens the rest of the way.


Just the way of speaking. Wasn’t really stating concrete stats.

Anyway, I can try being open minded of many things but 15 year old parenthood is not something I want to be open minded about.

I am almost 31 and I still don’t feel I have the maturity to parent a child.
I can sympathise with her for bearing kids so early in her life but regardless she had enough time on her side to be self sufficient by now.


Well of course you don’t, you’re still stalking your exes like a 13 year old


And I just hid chocolates from Spain away because I have guest at home; and I don’t want to share my chocolates with their kids.

fuck them.


I guess its kinda good that he is honest about it even if it seems weird at 31. But loadsa people are out there that do not feel mature enough to have kids but have them anyway especially through one night stands etc and then the poor kid ends up as the victim. It would be better if more people would be honest about it and just not do it instead of being careless and having kids they cannot and do not fully look after them, which is not great for the kids who end up with problems later on.