Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)

I miss Brady

Bellerin > AMN


Welcome aboard. Your badge and poster will be with you shortly.

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At fashion.

And football

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this is too much

Is Bellenderin even in the national team ? lolololololololololooloololololololololololo GET REKTD BELLEND AMN WINS AGAIN

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Ok lets do it.

Pace: AMN, no doubt he is lighning and Bellend has become kinda slow these days.

passing: I think its equal. Both can improve.

Crossing: AMN no contest. Mainly cuz Bellend has less shotpower and whip than my grandma

Dribbling: AMN easy

Weakfoot: AMN again good with the lefty also why he can play LWB

Defending: AMN THE KING. Watch the FA cup semi and Grand Final.

IQ: none of them are the brightest. AMN looks stupid but i think he is a low key genius when you get to know him.

Penalties: AMN baby !

conclusion= AMN wins this battle by a country mile.


Your profile picture is a cross through Bellerin’s face! You’re what we call an unreliable witness.


To strenghten my reliability i can say that i once was a Bellerin lover, but shit performance after shit performance took its toll and came to the conclusion that he is simply not at very good footballer. His pace(which now is gone) masked over his average touch, passing and dribbling.

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He has been decent since the restart and especially this season.

I know he was shit for a while. But I know I’m not alone in thinking that he has started off well this season. You’ve just jumped on the anti Bellerin train though and it’s non stop so you can’t jump off and apologise.

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was trying to post an image, well that failed

Agree with the agreed

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You’re out of the gang Luke

you’re out of the spelling gang

It’s ok I fixed it, we clearly both edit our posts after we send them.

@LordBendtner You forgot some important attributes:

Jawline - can’t deny Hector has some serious angles going on there. Could cut a block of hard cheese with that shit.

Family - from the stuff I’ve read, it appears Ainsley’s mum is a bit of a nutjob, abusing my man Mick Mccarthy on voicemail. On the other hand, Bellerin’s dad is Arsène Wenger. Bellers takes this one clean.

Big dick energy - AMN wins comfortably here. You don’t swagger up to the penalty spot like that unless you’re packing.

Bird catching - Aye aye relax bruv, there’s a clear champ in this category. Doesn’t even need explaining.

Facial hair - both shite. The less said the better on this category. Nil points awarded all round.

At the end of the ratings we find ourselves in a stalemate. Will need to revisit this in a few months with some new categories.