Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)

We can sell him and still have enough options. Bellerin, Cedric on the right, Tierney, Saka and Kolasinac on the left.


If you can spend £50m on random Portuguese kids, you can spend £40m on England internationals.

Otherwise, fuck off.


In before Arsenal accept a £25m offer for him. :rofl:

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I want us to sell him purely for your meltdown mate

If we can get £40m I’d be okay with it but not if we get some rubbish fee.

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Did AMN play to qualify?

Started on the weekend, valuable member of the squad, young and homegrown, pay up or fuck off you midlands cunts.


I’d hate to sell him just because we can’t shift Kolasinac.

I’d rather run the risk of him not progressing and then having to sell him for 15m in 2 years time than taking something like 25m now.


But for left back we also have Tierney and Saka (whose minutes as winger might be very limited because of Willian) as left back. It’s Kolasinac per se.

But why have a load of dross on the team, who contribute nothing but take up wages when you can have one quality player who can play in most of their positions? AMN is quality and we should 100% keep him.

He’s surplus to recruitements and Arsenal can fetch a nice sum for him. I’d rather keep him over Soares, but the club made the dumb decision to give him that 4-year contract. If we have a couple of defenders back, and Tierney moves back to left back, he’s just sitting on the bench.

If Tierney moves back out left AMN is better than Bellerin on the right and I would be happy to give him a shot in the centre of the park as well. We should sell Soy boy, he would fetch a substantial fee I’m sure.

Sure. But realistically is Arteta going to bench Bellerin too play Maitland-Niles?