Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


Think he can only work as midfielder in a 3-man midfield. We would too exposed only with him and another one.


Yeah, especially when your partner is either Xhaka or Ramsey.


Holy shit, you know you played bad, like terribad when Wenger takes u off at half time wutttt :eyes:. Also you know it’s bad when the feeling is relief as Xhaka gets subbed on to replace you. Worst player on the pitch imo.


Played great out of position. Played crap in his position, instead :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


At least AW is trying it… got to find out what we have right now with the yougins.

We are in a season of “sorting” at this point… knowing going into next year how these young players will or won’t factor in is now one of the bigger objectives imho, with top 4 being remote and we only have to focus on Euro (for a bit lol).


And people wanted him starting at CM in the league…



Why not? That is the whole point of this season moving forward unless you cling to some notion that we will catch up to 4th… let him fail a bit and develop - he has looked pretty good in other games and frankly it isn’t like Xhaka has been any good. So if we drop some points because of him (which is silly thing to say because we we’ve had so many games where multiple people are sh*t), who cares? At least by the end of the season we might know what we have in him, Nelson, and perhaps even Eddie to some degree.

Are you actually suggesting that b/c he was terrible in one half against Swedish minnows in the extreme cold where our whole team was a shambles, he is now “a lost cause”?


Who said lost cause?

I mentioned previously that he is not ready for CM. Far too lax, not tough enough, not alert enough. Till he sorts this out he shouldn’t be anywhere near our midfield.

Can now see why he was shoved out wide where he can have more time and space.


Another not getting the required coaching needed. Bad habits mounting. Same as Iwobi and Bellerin till it becomes part of their natural game. At the moment under Wenger he will end up in the championship.


But Xhaka has proven to be terrible there… re: AMN, you are basing your judgment on one half performance? He has played a LOT of CM/DM in youth ranks so he does have experience there. I have seen nothing to suggest from his performances with us overall that he is “lax or not tough enough” - actually I would argue he is more alert than Xhaka too… so many times Xhaka looks surprised when someone is on him.

If we had competent people there I would agree with you - but we really don’t, so why not see what we got with him. Same with Nelson instead of Iwobi (at least some) and Eddie instead of Welbeck. None of them are 100% “ready,” but this is the time when we are in position to learn about them (which would be harder if we were fighting for top 4).

I just don’t get why we wouldn’t give him a proper run and see.

Re: coaching, yeah that is a shambles but that is affecting our entire team it seems - even our older players look stupid and lost half the time.


You must not be very observant then. Every time he’s been up against anyone in a one on one, or shoulder to shoulder, even pace, he has lost out almost every time. Would actually have Xhaka over him even though he’s been woeful too.


I have been tracking him for a while, including in the youth ranks, but there are plenty of young players who struggle at first with the physical side when they make the step up, but they either adjust or fade… let’s find that out. There is a reasonable argument to be made whether he should start or not, but you seemed to be suggesting it was stupid or insane in your post above.

I would argue it is more useful to find out what we have with our 3 best youth prospects than cling to the hope that somehow Xhaka vs. AMN or Iwobi vs. Nelson or Welbeck vs. Nketiah is somehow the delta between us recovering a bunch of points against 2/3 teams.

Anyway, I think just as we got too high on some players too fast, I think people are watching a half a game and now suddenly saying about a young player “see, he is crap.” I have been watching Xhaka now for a while and have a pretty good data set to asses he is crap and he is several years older with far more FT experience.

I’d also add that AMN seems way more composed than Xhaka overall (tbf that is a really low bar).


AMN is talented, no doubt about it. Think you are getting the wrong impression from my posts. Ive been impressed by him since he came into the team. But that doesn’t mean he should be starting games at CM in the Prem at all just yet.

He’s really composed and can evidently see he has half a brain, but he’s not ready by a long shot. I was really dissapointed to see him struggle against such low level opposition. He needs more urgency to his game, but agree the coaching needs to sort out these flaws as there is a good player in there.

Saying all this though, no one is showing urgency under Wenger anymore.


We were playing against and inferior Swedish team AT HOME, I expected some better performance from him.

He should have another chance, but I won’t have high hope.
For me, he is just not ready, like Iwobi, Nelson…


It’s hard to say we were collectively shit young and old


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