Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


I know… I was just responding…

The players that we have ATM, bar Sanchez Ozil and Laca… are so “mid-table”.


fits the current club culture perfectly then huh


Happy with this. Thought he was good again tonight


Really interested to see him in midfield in place of Xhaka. Hope we get to see it at some point. I’m guessing it’ll be more Xhaka-Maitland-Niles though, if we do see it at all. :confused:




Sounds like a 1930s New York Times beat reporter.


Hes not a full back and needs taking out the team before his development falters. Give him a go in midfield or dont play him.
Hes got no natural instinct or understanding of the role. Its not fair on the lad and just shit non existing coaching again. Wenger cannot develop youngsters anymore ffs.


If we persist in playing him as our LWB/LB we will ruin him

Get him in as our defensive midfielder instead of Xhaka


Not playing players in their preferred position seems to be a theme with the “all knowing” Arsene. Nothing new there, just like there is nothing new in this club. It’s all very stale and stinks of Arsene.



As if he’ll ever live up to Vieira lol


He has Nigel Winterburn to aspire to, not Vieira.


Where the hell is that comparison even coming from lol


Come on…
Let him play and start for a few years (if he is good enough to stay and start), then compare.
Vieira is a legend, this kid is only a “prospect”.


I have no clue haha

He’s black and sees himself as a midfielder?

They don’t even have the same build lol


Read the interview guys, it’s just a young kid being confident and backing himself, absolutely nothing wrong with it. Would really love to see the kid take Xhaka’s position in the team, but we all know what’s standing in the way of that. :moneybag: and status


Isnt that you when it comes to Iwobi/Gervinho?

:campbell: :henry2: :coq: :welbeck: :iwobi:


The kid himself is humble enough.
Just the dump ass comparing him to Vieira.


Just reporting it. The good thing is that he is versatile.


One thing of being “versatile” is, you are not really “outstanding” in anything.
My perfect example is former BVB player Kevin Großkreutz.
He could play all 10 outfield positions, but when you try to name a starter, you would hardly think of him.

Of course, if your coach keep playing you in different positions, that’s not gonna help your development at all.