Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


Dude is handsome


Won many duels but is a brainless defender. Where is my Seo Kolasinac?


Which aspects does he look brainless Maxi? Interested to read your thoughts.


Is it a coincidance we also played a Right footer in the first game of the season against Liverpool too? Maybe Wenger thinks that’s the way to deal with their wide players cutting in every time


Well we’ve conceded 7 goals against them this season so the genius Wenger had better find another way.


Because he isn’t a defender at all.


Absolutely mad :arteta:

Wenger is some guy


Doing well.


Really well. Looks so confident and calm


Beaten once and it’s a goal :frowning_face:


Had no idea how much he’s matured into the team. Didn’t look at all out of place


Said it before but have to say it again, the guy is ridiculously composed and doesn’t look nervous at all no matter the opposition. He’s not a defender but doesn’t look out of place on the ball at all.


One of the best Arsenal players out there. Looked good on both sides of the pitch. Well done.


Very good tonight :clap:

Probably his best game for us


Only a matter of time before he turns stale under Wenger. Enjoy it while it lasts.:frowning:




Very good game. Think he is nailing on the LB/wingback spot now, giving Kolasinac’s injury and poor form.


As cool as a cucumber, composed and at ease technically, should be played in midfield.


I agree.
Fullback is not his position, especially he is wrong footed on the left side.


Played really well apart from the time he was easily beaten when he got turned for the cross that led to Chelsea’s 2nd goal.