Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


I won’t abandon all hope due to a couple of under-par performances following a long injury lay-off.

The problem is that I’m not sure he’ll get a chance in central midfield anytime soon. Looks like we will need to convert into a fullback if he has any future here.

I’m not particularly sold on Guendouzi, and given his average performances recently, I’d like to see AMN given a go in midfield in a home game against weaker opposition. I hope we give him a few more chances to prove himself before we chuck him on the scrap heap, following the likes of JET, Aneke, Merida etc. who many thought at one time might make it.


He’s bang average, technically nowhere near good enough to be at a top club. Poor football intelligence. Decent engine, dribbling up the pitch and pace but that’s it. And his defending for a midfielder isn’t good enough. Now I hope he proves me wrong.

I suppose the clubs problem is we need a certain number of homegrown players.


The entire team was bad against lolpool but this kid and iwobi were somewhat bright spots, right?


In the one game yes. But bright spots relative to midnight darkness


The guy is a talent, he’s just not a right back or winger. The guy’s a center mid, he pulled off some great performances in that position last season. Give him a game or two in FA Cup there, and we will see the best of him. I thought he was one of the bright spots in Liverpool game and the game with Fulham.


Tbf, he looked good the past two games, showing some much needed urgency. Nice to see.
Btw, I noticed that he got gassed big time not even midway the second half of both matches. Hoping it’s just that he’s getting accustomed to PL and not having a bad engine.


Has just recovered from a broken leg and being out for about 5 months. Pretty sure he’s just getting his legs back.


Yeah wouldn’t worry too much about that he’s clearly still getting accustomed to the rigours of the PL and he’s returned from a long term injury.


Already better than Bellenderin at RB. COYG !


Well we’re not buying one, so…


Tried hard but was exposed in the defensive part of his game all night. Really is nowhere near the required level.


Honestly didnt see much of a difference between him and Bellerin tbf.


Yep we dont have a right back on the books worth the shirt. Jenks should of well had a game or two by now.


Man the way he jogs absolutely infuriates me. People say Ozil has bad body language, this guy’s lack of urgency is disturbing.
Keeps trying to play it cool, every time. Clear the ball? Try be cook about it. Open space to run at? Try to run cool.


He is very casual


Its called SWAG. Haters gonna hate.


I honestly thought he wasn’t that bad, there were several cases in which he came up against Sanchez and did well. In the end he got exposed but that’s against top attacking players and he simply isn’t a right back. This Bellerin injury becomes more worrying by the minute though…


My reading of his body language is that he’s shitting his pants on the inside and is trying to hide it. Looks like a dear in the headlights at times.


This guy is a squad player and not an RB.