Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


Why has Guen been fed with consistent league mins!?


This guy will become scapegoat #1 in no time.
When he came on he made a great interception high up, had all the ground to run ahead and do something. Instead, his nonchalant attitude hit in, he inexplicably started slowing down until he lost it like a geek. His performance in a nutshell.


Was absolute garbage when he came on sadly, very wasteful in some decent positions.


He was poor but he’s had a run of how many games?

There are so many other serious issues in the team other than this kid.


Can’t expect anything of him really and we didn’t get anything.


I can’t see him becoming a scapegoat.

He’s a fairly low key part time right back and doesn’t look comfortable enough there to make the position his own. He’ll be playing midfield in an ambitious Championship side by September


He looks like a lad that’s confidence is shot. He’s not the type of player that looks like he put his head down and just go out and take one for the team and play right back, he doesnt want to be there. I said it a few weeks ago, that if Emery won’t play him in the midfield, I think it’s better for Maitland Niles to move on. The performance in League Cup game with Spurs was one of the worse performances I’ve seen from any player this season.

I think he has potential but it doesn’t look like it be at Arsenal to achieve it sadly.


Yeah starting to feel this way too… if he is condemned to spot start here or there at RB, LB, and occasional CM/DM, he will never develop - it would be in his best interest to move on in the summer as it seems the writing is on the wall for him.


I can’t see Maitland Niles been the type of lad to be a all round squad player. He clearly rates himself higher then that. He was one of the brighter spots under Wenger last season. But clearly Emery either didn’t see his performance at Utd last season or doesn’t rate him there.

Feel for the lad, he just looks like a confidence player and if he doesn’t have it, he does what he did tonight run down blind alleys and give silly balls away.


Of course we can expect from him? To blame or use him as a scapegoat is a different question.

I’m sorry, but whether you’re a £75mill star signing or a teen coming through the ranks into the team, we as the fans are entitled to form a level of expectation for anyone who steps foot on the pitch when they wear the kit.

My verdict on him right now is on the fence. I really like the glimpses he shows and urge to send him out on loan so we can see how he develops under frequent gametime in his favourable position.


He really isn’t.


I’ve seen better from AMN.


I honestly can’t understand what people see in AMN, other than somehow looking like a child and an 80’s movie beat cop at the same time.


I mainly like him because his name is hyphenated and it’s my dream to witness a hyphenated/double barrelled Arsenal starting XI


Doozy is better than AMN.


Doozy has been playing more that’s it IMO.

AMN was quite good last season.


What did you expect of him when he was brought on today?

I honestly didn’t think he’d do anything of note and he didn’t. It’s fine if you expect but with a youngish player like him it’s inevitably gonna be met with disappointment.


To be honest with you, like yourself - nothing. Maybe an improvement on Lichy as he was shocking today.

But not his fault either that he was the best, or only option on the bench for us to try something new after previously using up our 2 subs.

Perhaps I took your comment too seriously but on a general level I stand by the point.


Yea I definitely wasn’t attributing any blame to him.


Without signaling him out as ive had a pop at others as well. I watched him closely yesterday and he made wrong decision time and again. One time he basically missed placed a throw in.
Its harsh but the way the game was balanced yesterday, I thought it was a good chance for him too prove something.