Ainsley Maitland-Niles (15)


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That blows - was really looking forward to him taking a step up this year and now he is shut down for 2 months just as we are getting started…


Hope we see this killer play again soon


Probably needs to be back at LB/LWB. AMN seems to be a more technically astute player than Sead.


He’s just as useless at LB/LWB than Kolasinac is. Either we play AMN in his favoured position or we consider moving him on loan somewhere.


Ppl are being harsh af on my boi ‘The Bird Catcher’. Kid just got back from a lengthy spell on the sidelines because of a pretty serious injury. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a player return from something like that and just hit the ground running. Love him, he’ll improve as he acclimates to the speed of the game.


Ive never seen anything too tell me he is going to be a good en ough player here. Not saying he wont, just dont see what others do.


I can see the talent but his nonchalant vibe kinda irritates me.
I mean, being calm can be an asset but I rarely see any urgency from him. Either he’s very introverted or he’s trying to play it cool(which I really hope isn’t the case).


Yeah. something in that.


He is simply not good enough at this point, period.

Just not sure if we push these kids to play on first team is for what.


I think he could be a squad player that can provide emergency cover at several positions (CM, LB, RB) while not commanding very high wages. There is some use to that.

But I’ve never seen him as a first XI player or even a frequent substitute. He just doesn’t do anything well enough and there’s really no position where he seems to have the skill set to excel. His best chance might be at RB but he isn’t getting a chance there unless Bellerin gets a big injury.


Similar to Joe Willock, I feel these guys will always be on the peripheral. More utility than a specialist in one area, which is great from time-to-time mind, but I feel like they’ve suffered from some poor coaching in the youths.

AMN seems to have more about him but I just can’t see him staking a claim anywhere in the middle, which is his preferred position.


I’m not so down on him as others are, he’s better than Guendouzi so he should get a chance in his preferred position.

I’ve been impressed with some of the stuff he’s done playing defence and he had a good game against Burnley, I think he’s been a victim of some piss poor coaching but there’s a good deal of talent there IMO.


Going to have to disagree there bro, I haven’t seen anything from that indicates he has what it takes to succeed at the highest level of football.


Thought he was culpable on the goal tbh.


I suppose we’ll see breh.

I don’t think he’s a lost cause.


Im a big AMN fan. I really rate his talent: pace, power, dribbling, composure. His biggest weakness is his cool factor. At times he looks way too calm on the pitch, which result in sloppy passes and nonchalant defending. Would really like seing him more in the CM role though.


He actually has an incredible first touch. It’s not doing him any favours having to play multiple positions and not being able to lock down one position. I rate him though.


He’s probably in the top 5% of Arsenal academy products, but even that isn’t good enough in this era of insta-success where you have to score 56 goals in a 3rd League Cup tie to have any chance of pushing your potential as a future first teamer


I agree with him being better than Guendozi.

Admittedly though I don’t rate Guendozi much so much so I can’t recall corect spelling of his name.