They got the terrorist attack warning spot on sadly

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That’s some fucking legacy the war on terror achieved.


Back to square one. Democracy cannot be forced upon people.


Yeah, the people have to want it themselves.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.


The people are the taliban? News to me.

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Some reports saying it was ISIS.

Struggling to keep up with the factions involved in this.

Northern alliance - Russian and India backed
ISIS K - Backed by ???
Taliban - Backed by Pakistan
Afgan national Govt - Back by Western powers but folded in a couple of hours

There are a lot of factions, and per a thread I saw and posted above, even within the Taliban there are many factions.

Some are backed by Iran, some used to be backed by the ISI of Pakistan, and some may be backed by them currently.


Shit 4 US Marines were killed in this, this could get really ugly for Biden.

I think the warmongers put the pressure on now

Yeah agreed, and that makes me wonder if that was the purpose…

Quick, somebody find Erik prince!!!

12 US Troops killed now. Oh dear…

This could be terminal for Biden. Right wingers in the US have very clear attack lines now

Doesn’t sound like Biden is shifting, I hope he doesn’t.

The solution to US troops dying isn’t to put more into this volatile situation, and put them more at risk.

This press is actually as vile as it is stupid.

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No way after Benghazi


Well they were targetting a suicide bomber not some random family.

Stupid to target it near a town but I don’t know the logistics of where the vehicle set off to where it was going to.

The added explosion of all the explosives in the car aided the blast radius.

From what I’ve read anyway. So as with anything in the news, I’m not stating this as fact.


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