AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)



Bournemouth have been really good this season. Unless we come back from the international break firing I can only see this ending in a draw tbh.

  • Bournemouth win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Not confident for this game for the first time this season. Our luck has run out :xhaka2:


Going to go with another 1-1 draw, our inability to keep a clean sheet will likely be the decisive difference in matches away from home like these.


6-0 Arsenal.


Hope you get it one day :wink:


I don’t know why but I feel like this might be the match we lose to snap our unbeaten run. The performances have certainly tailed off a little bit. Maybe I’m projecting too much of the late-stage Wenger years but this seems like the type of match we lose going into a tough run of games in November-December.

Hopefully I’m wrong!


Sounds ridiculous, but this is sort of a must win game at this point. Need to stay in touch with Spuds and rack up more points against these mid table clubs. 2-1 to us, edgy affair.


Even because there is Spurs-Chelsea as well so we can gain points on one of them.


We are finally back in action! C’mon Arsenal! Bournemouth, suck my cherries :kos2:


Is the international break over? :giroud3: best part of the year coming up where we play every few days. :heart_eyes:


Need to be up for it because we play Pocho the cunt and the old moaning fucker in the next 3 games.


Wont lose 2 years on the bounce down here. Think we will have to ride a bit of a storm but we could edge a thriller 3 2.


Didn’t we get a 3-3 draw last season? After going 3-0 down. Lucas with a banger, too. IIRC. Not sure.


That was the season before. Around New Year. I remember being very drunk and going to sleep with Oli G’s 92nd minute equaliser in my head :joy:


Nah we where one up and lost 2 1.


The 2016/17 season, with a superb Lucas’s strike.


Walking back into club football after the international’s are over for 2018 like


How many average to poor sides did we take the lead against and lose to last year ? Bournemouth, Swansea and Newcastle spring to mind for a start.


How long have you got? :joy:


Auba better find his goalscoring boots again because that miss against Wolverhampton was just shocking.