Aaron Ramsey (8)


I was very disappointed when I visited Milan. The Duomo is beautiful, but in general, in the scenic sense, it’s on a par with Hackney Downs.

I don’t think Rambo will like it.


I would tend to agree, was there at the beginning of the month for the F1, went upto the San Siro and thought it was an absolute shit hole.


Milan is the perfect move for all parties imo


Can’t see how a deeper role for him changes anything.

The managers system is pretty clear. 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3. We have two strikers starting in that front 4. Any talk of a diamond is a pipe dream.

Ramsey’s shown he simply hasn’t got enough quality overall to start in the centre of midfield. Özil is three times the player in terms of making a difference to the team.

The one and only fit for him, which I’m surprised Emery hasn’t seemed to have identified is on the right.

Ramsey on the right offers defensive protection, the ability to keep the play flowing and allows Bellerin to bomb forward with less concern going the other way.

On the other wing we effectively have a support striker. Aubameyang is never going to play the LW role the way Iwobi or Mkhitaryan would. We don’t need to overkill the attack. An auxiliary midfielder like Ramsey or Mkhitaryan on a flank would suit us just fine. Ramsey offers the better defensive protection out of those two.

Those two should be the ones competing for that spot. And that decision should effect who we play at RB too.


He wont get 250k elsewhere. More likely around 180k, however they’ll give him a good signing on bonus to make up for it due to low transfer fee.


Trade him to ManU for Martial.


I don’t think they’re falling for that one again. (/joke)
I actually thought we got the short end of the stick when we got Mhky for Alexis, but as things turned out, it was an ok deal for us given the circumstances.


Ahhh fuck off. Bias is showing, you could label any number of great goals to be a fluke. It’s absolutely what he intended to do, sure there’s an element of luck involved, but that’s always the case when it flies into top bins, if he intended it you can’t take credit away from him.


That goal by Ramsey is one of my favourite.


I can fuck off, but that was a fluke goal.
Also, there is no conflict in between good goal and fluke goal.

Please show me a couple of more that kind of goals by Ramsey, and I can fuck off more longer period of time.
Left foot, one timer, half volley, 30 yards away from goal, top corner… show me something similar.

Show me, and I shut the fuck up.


Fluke goals are goals where the scorer intended to do one thing but ended up scoring a goal.
For instance, a ball which was meant to be a cross but goes in the goal is fluke.
A corner kick ending in goal is often fluke because the kick taker didn’t intend it that way.

In this case however, Ramsey intended for the goal and got it. Irregularity doesn’t make a good goal flukey.


Is Ramsey that kind of players??? I am asking this.
Is he well know for taking long shots, using his non-dominant foot?

I said it was fluke, not only because he is not that type of player, but also I highly doubt if he was intended to aim at the top corner.

Many times, many times, people mixed up “intention” and “test the luck”.
A lot of players, including myself, in many sports, just shoot a no brainer at the goal, and try the luck.

That’s why I want you to show me, Ramsey is that kind of deadly shooter.
If he can’t do it with his dominant foot, and you believe it is his ability to do that with his left foot?

Good goal, but fluke goal, I still believe in that.


Ramsey takes long shots all the time. Which is one of his many terrible traits. His shooting techniqe bar a small number of fluke goals is Hendersonesque.


Show me Bergkamp turning someone like he did Dabizas against Newcastle and I’ll shut the fuck up.

But yknow, Ramsey vs Liverpool. It wasn’t a half volley but he still smacked it in from range on the bounce. He clearly has it in his locker, its just the case that that one vs Gala was probably the best of that type he’ll ever score, and what’s the shame in that?


Are you comparing Bergkamp’s shooting ablility and skill set to Ramsey’s ???

You said it already… many great goals were fluke goals… so?
I wasn’t even trying to degrade or discredit his goal… it was a good goal (if not great)… fluke or not, so? You can believe it was intended to and I believe it was a no brainer/testing luck…


It was intended, and a fluke :slight_smile:


No, obviously not. Are you aware of what an analogy is?

Don’t lie. Mysty said it was a great goal, you felt the need to jump in and label it a fluke. You did so to try and downplay Mysty saying it’s a great goal. At least be honest and stand by what you’re doing here.


Bergkamp was one of the best in skills… whatever he did and tried, it is more like he intended to than just fluke.
Ramsey was and never is a great in long shots. Yeah, he had a number of attempts before but NEVER EVER was a great shooter.

Would you say Zidane’s left foot volley in the CL was a fluke?
Would you say Beckham’s freekicks were fluke?
Messi scored after dribbling past 4, 5 defenders was fluke?

Sorry, analogy or not, bad comparison for me.

I did not lie.
From a general football fan’s perspective, the goal was a good goal, beautiful, great placement, difficult to shoot, and should be on ESPN highlight for a week.

I thought it was an open discussion for everyone.
If different stance is not allowed, please let me know next time.
I think it was a fluke, so I just said it. Not meaning to challenge anybody or change anybody’s opinion.

For me, it was FLUKE. Honest enough.

Want to discuss Arshavin’s 4-goal game against Liverpool comparing to Yaya Sanogo’s 4-goal game against BVB next???


Oh don’t be a bitch because I questioned you, nobody said you aren’t allowed an opinion.

You offered an opinion, I offered mine in response. That’s how it works. You can say what you want. What you can’t do is say things and expect to not have people say things in response.


Well Kanu’s goal :goal_net: from a corner against Chelsea was fckn magic :rofl: