Aaron Ramsey (8)


Banega was just a name I plucked. A Banega-like signing would be worrying, I agree. It would show that Emery is a little like Mourinho in his signings- short term for short term gains. Who knows? That might be a damn sight better for us than it is for Manchester United but it would prove that the manager has no intention of staying here for long and nurturing youth




I’m sorry but you can’t be a new signing if you are already at the club haha.


Win % with and without a certain player is probably one of the worse stats around


We’ll never make progress while we keep the same flawed players and don’t make fundamental changes to the squad.

I’m not even sure he should be making our starting XI and if you can even consider saying that about a player then there shouldn’t be the possibility of them becoming one of the highest earners at the club. He’d basically be Walcott.


Remember when we didn’t lose a game for ages with Mustafi in the team :smile:


Not at all fussed about Ramsey leaving but FFS absolute terrible planning by the club not forcing his sale and then letting him start at no10. I’m not convinced we won’t be back in tbh

Would be more than happy replacing him with Doucouré and would of been happy with Serri.


I definitely agree but without putting too much stock into the stat itself it’s a succinct way of defining Ramsey. He is not a difference maker.


You’d have thought we would have learned by now regarding contracts.

The arrival of Emery must have interferred with negotiations with Ramsey. Unai maybe planned on making Aaron part of his plans, that or the club were more than confident of coming to an agreement with Ramsey.

I like the player and it’s no secret I’ve backed him (the IORP days haha) but I wouldn’t back the club giving him 250k, he’s not of Ozil’s calibre. Just get rid and move on.

It’s a just shame because none of our long serving players are with us. When was the last time we gave a player a testimonial.


I think Emery was sold the idea that Aaron was a player to build the team around, but in the brief time he’s been here, has realised that he isn’t.


Sold the idea by who?


Keep the same flawed players then go out and buy Banega, brilliant.


I don’t think Banega will happen.

I’d like to hope this means a winger being brought in and Ozil at #10.


I’m not sure it is sad, the complacent culture of the club needs to change. All the good players bar Ozil left anyway. I’m all for keeping the likes of Ozil and Kosceilny but Ramsey for me doesn’t have the right attitude.


Everyone thought that Aaron LOLsey was a Emery player cause of his stamina and “workrate”. It turns out that Emery needs his players to be able to controle a football and make half decent passes, none of which Aaron is able to do.

Aaron doesnt fit our system one bit and its criminal that he blocks Ozil from shining in this system. Future sure looks bright these days COYG !!!




Why would he have done that?


Would be good for them. Appreciate Ivan doing us a favour and giving us some money.


Yeah, a great goal, also a fluke goal.


Send him and Xhaka there :mustafi: