Aaron Ramsey (8)


If Emery gets us to execute better goals will follow eventually. We don’t need Ramsey or a like for like replacement for that. The team needs to get better as a whole.


Let him go and see which mugs pick him up - when he realises no one wants him watch him end up at West Ham !!


False optimism. Not one of the midfield bar Mkhi (not even in the PL) have come close to reaching double figures in a season. No matter what system Emrey implements, they aren’t going to become goalscorers over night. Ramsey’s overall game me be irritating at times, but the amount of important goals he had scored kind of compensates for that.


Since when were goals from midfield ever desired at the expense of midfield stability, security and control? That’s what you get with Ramsey if he’s in form .

Good riddance… We’re actually spoilt for choice in finding a better replacement


Well, i do like him as player, but he is not bigger than the club. He can leave.


question is also, does Emeryball really need a Ramsey type? Because if it is about shoehorning and we’re operating under economic restraints, perhaps the ‘resources’ (transfer, salary, squad slot) could be better used. Because his type was great in a typical 2009 3-man midfield, not as much in a 2-man midfield and perhaps not as useful in the midfield setup we appear to… try and play, with defensive midfielder/s, one or two roaming 10/s or similar and wide players that are actually quite wide at times (especially games where we try to transport the ball forward out wide).

I mean, not that I think Xhaka is good for us atm, but purely based on style his is more suited the way I see it atm, for example.



Hopefully he’ll go to Juve and win a few titles there.


Ronaldo and Ramsey.
The perfect partnership.
Ramsey could teach Ronaldo a few tricks.


is this true? Am i dreaming?

First Giroud and then this plonker. I LOVE THIS SPORT !!!


quite a good read



He won us the FA Cup, can’t really be pissed at him. I don’t know if it’s me getting older or just having gone through that whole Cesc, Nasri, RvP, Adebayor shit - if someone doesn’t want to play for the club, then I don’t want them here either. Also don’t really get that upset about players leaving anymore.

All the best to him, hope he goes abroad because he’s a great player and don’t want him strengthening a rival.


What a shambles this has been. We could’ve sold him for good money and bought a 10 in the style Emery actually wants or play Ozil there (You know, the player who actually signed a contract) or bought a winger.

While I think he was a important player for us, honestly it’s not like he’s impossible to replace and I’m really unconvinced with the new role he’s playing under Emery.

The new administration HAS to get a grip on these things, it’s hurting us off the field(Funding viable replacements) and on the field (Shoehorning players).


A lot of clubs will be interested if he goes for free. Either Juventus or Madrid will be a good fit. And before you laugh, Ramsey has a fantastic profile and could be marketable as well. This ain’t no Wilshere. Juventus are known freeloaders and Madrid can be cheap(Chicha, Adebayor, Vasquez, Pedro Leon, etc.) as well but those big money moves take the spotlight. Watch Perez get Ramsey in for free with some advice from Bale and use the budget to buy Eden, Mbappe or Neymar


Get what u can for him in January. Take that and add 25m and go for Ndombele…issue sorted, like beyond sorted.


Ndombele is out of reach, most probably he’ll go for double that now.


I like that we’ve removed the contract offer. It’s about time we grew some balls.


I hope we can get that 25mil for him. At the age of 27, he’s still got 6 good years left, in my opinion.

Only problem is the contract situation . I hope we don’t sell ourselves cheap as we did with Ashley Cole, Henry, RvC and Sanchez. In all those deals, I think we could have fared better


I highly doubt we would be able to sell him in Jan


Inevitable really, unless a big team has a huge injury that Ramsey can fill for and they’re looking like they’ll fight it out for the league / CL there’s no point rushing it.

If Madrid are say 3-6 points behind Barca by Jan and let’s say Modric has a season ending injury they’d punt for him in Jan as they really have no other playmaking talent in midfield.

But yeah, unlikely.


if the contract offer is now off the table we should quit persisting with him in the fucking squad let him be the bench player. This fucker is stopping Ozil playing in his preferred position, why should this cunt be made happy and play where he wants when he doesnt give a fuck anymore about the club…just fuck him off to the bench.