Aaron Ramsey (8)


Reckon his agent is blowing smoke up his arse. Let him go Chelsea or United but neither will pay him in excess of 250k. Good luck with that.


Most we are getting for Ramsey in Jan is about 20 million quid.


@A.F You ok, mate? :ramsey:


Do Chinese clubs still spend mad amounts on average players? We could send them a vid of his goals from 2013/14 and get 100M :grinning:


Juve, Chelsea (I can actually see this if Kovacic isn’t staying) and Man United. :arteta:

Even if that is true, he will certainly not be getting £250k a week there.


Send him to United to fuck them up like we did with Sanchez :arteta:


He is a decent player and certainly a very good option as a squad player but he is far too inconsistent to play for a top European club, especially with those sort of wage demands.

He has rarely been a regular first team starter for us, and apart from a couple of seasons where he was very good in a few games, there are far too many games where he is selfish and not very productive.

I can’t believe the offer of 50m was true.
What competent manager would turn that sort of money down for a player with just a season left on his contract?

As a club, our contract negotiations, with players like Ramsey, and the fact we let our best players run their contracts down, are a shambles and has to be sorted out.



Last one of the “British Core” has nearly fucked off then we are freeee


Jenks is contracted till 2020.


The Oracle (Ornstein) has also put his stamp on the information too verify it. Not sure he is going to copy the Mirror. I wonder if Arsenal still will make a last minute effort to keep him. I hope not.

Ozil back as number 10 and a winger in the summer (preferably winter, but that is more difficult) would be the way to go.


No one really cares about him tho :wink:


Holy fucking shit, who would have thought that Jenkinson would be the last of the British Core to survive.

Orny verified as @SDGooner mentioned


Thank fuck the club finally grew a pair of balls.

No more bending over backwards to outrageous wages demands from average British talent. Good riddance Ramsey, won’t be missed


Jenks even outlived our glorious leader. :joy:


Hope we have a replacement lined up.


I’m pretty sure this means we’ll peobably step up our pursuit of Banega now. Similar age to Ramsey but a better player and more to Emery specifications.


With him goes any semblance of goals from midfield. We’d be foolish to let him go without a like for like replacement that can replicate his output. All our other midfielders are duds when it comes to goals, apart from the exception of Mkhi, but his overall performances have been underwhelming.

The rebuilding job was tough enough already, this will make it even tougher. If we weren’t willing to break the wage structure, then I don’t see the point in giving Ozil the deal and stopping there. In the current team structure, Ramsey is far more important than Ozil. We’d be stupid to let me go for a few thousand that we’ll likely have to spend on a new signing anyway.


Haha. Nope


but who in the fuck will want ramsey especially on the wages he wants…this guy must think he is some sorta superstar. Considering he is after more than what Aguero is on, i want to know what muggy team is gonna get him and what are they are gonna pay him. In reality he aint as good as his bloated ego thinks.