Aaron Ramsey (8)


Looks distracted


He’s playing like shit and is dragging his heels in committing to the club. If he had signed a deal, maybe I’d see it being worthwhile to play him into form, keep playing him til we find a way to make the team work for him. But I don’t want to invest time that into a player who isn’t elite anyway and isn’t even committed.

Sit him on the bench and let him have a good long look at himself.


Cant recall a single positive contribution this guy had yesterday.

In two key moments he fucked up beyond belief. He is the midfield Mustafi and to give him anything above 200k per week is disgraceful to say the least.

Miki deserves his spot know and hopefully we can move this clown to China or somewhere else.


Imagine we give this guy £250k a week.

I will despair for the state of this club.


I’m fearful that the club might act in desperation to keep him and succumb to his wage demands. You’d hope that between the various new blokes we have in charge that a stupid decision like that won’t be made, but you just never know.


I don’t see what’s worth fighting to keep except his market value if he leaves on a free. Realistically if we want to be competing then we’re most likely going to have to spend money on a player better than he is to play where he would play.

He’s competing for #10 with a player we’ve just put on 300k so is clearly going nowhere and the only other positions you’d shove him we need to buy for anyway.


Would be nice if someone would take him off of our hands in Jan for some sort of fee… heard AC Milan is sniffing around - 10-15 million maybe? Better than nothing at the end of the season if we don’t have any intention or ability to keep him at this point.


I’d be happy for Ivan to put him on £200k a week in that case :wenger:


Yeah but I think the ship has sailed on us keeping him… he is now going to hold out for money and/or better situation and don’t see that he has any particular affinity for staying… we screwed it up a year plus ago when we should have stuck or twist with him… he is one of the few players of talent that we aren’t going to rely on long-term (it seems) that could fetch a fee and we screwed the pooch.


We should let him go for a pittance and replace, the club have handled this whole situation very poorly.

I don’t blame him at all for running down his deal and attempting to strong arm but we shouldn’t be taking it at all.


Let’s hope the new management realises this, I have a strong feeling they’ll cave


Or they actually see him as a fundamental building block, which I obviously think he isn’t, and are because of that prepared to make a (financial) sacrifice and cave in for a big contract.


I thought we were on the up… don’t drag our name through the dirt like this.




But he would probably make your team better though, Arsenal on the other hand surplus to requirements :henry2: :giroud:


I really struggle to see what he brings to the team anymore.


Flicks, heavy touches, misplaced passes and hopeful longshots. What more can you ask for in a player really.


It honestly doesn’t even matter - I think both parties have resigned themselves to separation and that is probably fine. I am one of the few that think he is more than useless atm, especially with the state of our overall squad, but I think the only kind of position that he helps us in is one that we can’t afford in our existing set up especially with a player like Ozil as well (who is superior) and probably isn’t a fit any more.


If he wasn’t so stubborn about getting goals, he would have made an excellent B2B midfielder like he did with Arteta before his goalfest season.
That season spoiled him and made him goal oriented while his focus should have been to become more rounded of a midfielder.

We severely need a midfielder and here we have a player capable of playing that position well but he can’t get his head out of his arse.


thought he’d at least be playing for a big new contract or transfer.