Aaron Ramsey (8)


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Awful performance from him yesterday. CAM is not for him and yesterday shows why. Constantly losing the ball with stupid flicks and poor first touches. Either we play him at RW or we are better of him coming of the bench.


Picking Aaron Ramsey over Mesut Ozil as the CAM always makes you stretching head.


Probably not properly fit tbh.

I hope this means there’s some decent leverage, as it’s really just continue at Arsenal or go to China it seems

In any case the Chinese might actually pay a good fee


Would have made so much more sense to sell him and either get a proper winger or defensive midfielder. But Ramsey fits Emery’s running/hard work mantra really well. Even though his discipline sucks.


I’d take £60m for Ramsey in his last season in a heartbeat


Shame his name aint Ramsinho. As much as i would want him offloaded to the chinese, i cant see him accepting such a move.


Although I don’t see him going to China, it would mean he would get possibly twice as much as he is getting here and he would also be, arguably, the best player in the Chinese league.
So given his ego, and the fact he wants a lot more money, it might be his best option but realistically, I can’t see it happening and he would probably rather sit on the bench at Barcelona.

He’s a good player but inconsistent.
He had possibly his best season for us last season, but when has he ever had two very good seasons in a row?
I still think he’ll stay here but wouldn’t be too bothered if he left as long as we replaced him with a top quality winger or CB.


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