Aaron Ramsey (8)


we need to allocate our budget to fit in Ousmane :henry2: which mean we will have to sell this clown asap.


Tbh flog this guy to United now so they let Pogba go.

Anything if it means Dembele.


We just need to get Barca nice and flush with disposable cash and then let them harass and unsettle Man U until the Spanish transfer window closes in like a month. It would be glorious.





Hopefully this is true, because if Ramsey leaves it will just likely result in us replacing him with someone of lesser quality.


I’m excpecting an annoucemment of Ramsey’s new contract before the end of deadline day, like a new signing, Wenger style.


Chelsea have got a midfielder from Madrid as part of the Courtois deal. Surely that ends their interest in Ramsey?


Although I’d very much welcome a renewal, if he signs before Jan, it’s proof his market wasn’t too hot



Nooooooo :disappointed_relieved:


Least we won’t have to listen to transfer rumours all season about him.

Ffs always look at the date.


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:joy::joy::joy: got three people :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Productive lunch break :smiley:


Would be such an Arsenal move to announce it today in lieu of a proper signing


Who wants me to ban @Calum for the rest of the day so he can troll people on WhatsApp and watch the deadline day unfold all on his own?




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