Aaron Ramsey (8)


Scuttlebutt on Twitter is that the Chelsea rumors are real.

Willian goes to Man United, Ramsey goes to Chelsea and Arsenal sit on 35m until January, actually no, make that June, well actually we can’t buy someone because of Smith-Rowe breaking through, better wait until 2020.


So what you’re telling me is, the Chelsea rumours are fake.


The sooner he is gone the better. Can’t really be bothered if it’s on a free transfer. He is so overrated.


I don’t think he is over rated tbh. After ten years we still have people wondering what his best position is, where he fits into the team and even a decent chunk like yourself who simply don’t rate him that much. Apart from those few months a few seasons back he’s never been anything other than a player who divided opinion.


Have to agree with @shamrockgooner, Ramsey isn’t overrated he just doesn’t have a defined position because Arsene botched the last four or five years of squad building. We went from Barca lite to RVP up front to Gervinho up front, found one midfield partnership that sort of worked, tried a back three, dumped it, brought it back and then bought two very expensive albeit different strikers in successive windows.

And although it’s not exactly Ramsey’s fault, he hasn’t really stayed healthy enough to truly build a team around him. Dude’s been at the club for ten years and I don’t even know what he’s really good at other than running a lot.


I think it’s rather obvious what he is. A box2box midfielder who got way too much freedom from Wenger. Something that has been magnified by the somewhat of free role he got at Wales. I think way too much has made for his extension. Ozil or Sanchez I get, but Aaron Ramsey? That is why I find him overrated maybe.


Not disciplined and technical enough to play as a CM. Not a good enough finisher to play as striker or CF. Not quick and agile enough to be a winger. His best position is BENCH imo.


I broadly agree but plenty of others don’t.


I don’t think anyone here is shitting bricks about losing Ramsey.


I don’t care about what he did in a shit Euros for Wales, in a totally different set-up than he will find at a top club. I care about what he’s done for Arsenal. And if you look at the numbers with an open mind, and pay attention to his performances, it’s really hard to dismiss. He was deserved player of the season last, and I would not be surprised to see him again this season if he stays fit, as he’s the most likely to benefit from Emery’s set up. You really need to re-think your position on Ramsey. I know he is not the most aesthetically pleasing player to watch, but his quality should really be beyond discussion at this point.


I think he is the kind of player that, we don’t really need him (to start), but we will miss him a lot if we do sell him.
He is like a hybrid that can play a lot of positions but never excel in a specific position.


My concern is who we replace him with. The only credible name we’ve been linked to is N’Zonzi and that hardly inspires confidence.

Like it or not, Ramsey is considered to be one of our better players and has produced some important performances / goals for us in Cup finals etc. He has a bit of that talismanic presence for us. Our collective “fear factor” as a team diminishes if he leaves. Fan morale will also decrease, it just puts us on a bit of a downer unless we replace him well. He’s not the be all and end all for our squad, but he is a relatively big name and his departure will harm us.

If we do lose him, I fear we won’t replace him with real quality and we slip further into the realm of mediocrity. Selling and replacing him could also be seen as a bit of an opportunity to upgrade a key starting player, but I don’t see it happening which is why I’m reluctant for us to let him go. We should attempt to do a Liverpool and extend his contract but then sell him next summer for a good profit. I’d be very disappointed if we lost an asset with a lot of value for nothing next summer. The fact it’s got to this stage leaves us extremely vulnerable.


The thing with Ramsey is it may not always come in fancy packaging but there’s few CM’s that can do what he does with regard to productivity.

People talk about his freedom as if he was not more tactically astute this season, Ramsey is perfectly capable of choosing when to time his runs when he is held accountable which would most definitely be the case under Emery. Funnily enough for most of his stay here under Wenger he wasnt in the least and it was to his detriment.

I’d be open to selling Ramsey if there was a ready made replacement without the injury issues but there’s not many players out there that can replicate his contribution, I suppose it’s moot as it’s all up to him now since he has plenty of leverage now.

If he does leave I’d like to see us replace him with Ndombele.


If there was any good time to sell Ramsey it can’t really be now.


There is never a bad time to sell Ramsey tbh


True, but the club has little say since they’ve allowed another big player to run down his contract yet again.


Ramsey has the best final third movement of all of our midfielders. Would be gutted to lose him.


Emile Smith Rowe :henry2:


If they’re good enough, they’re old enough :wenger:


Chelsea getting Kovacic means this little shits negotiating position has weakened a bit.

I think he will sign on last minute though. I can’t see too many teams willing to take him now or on a free later.

Maybe only United (figures) again but every other major European club seems stacked for MF that play like him/ don’t think he will be worth the wages/signing fee he will want.