Aaron Ramsey (8)


I think we’re going to sell him.

He hasn’t signed a contract despite months and months of talks. He has missed the last two games with a suspicious “injury.” And the more I see Emery’s setup and tactics, the more I think there’s just no place for him in the first XI. So do you pass up 40m+ in order to keep a non-starting player for one season just so he can leave on a free the following summer? It just doesn’t make sense, especially if you don’t have any personal attachment to the player.


How do you figure that?

I am interested to hear you expand a bit, because you are one of the best posters here, but it strikes me that this is overreacting to meaningless pre-season action. I wouldn’t really call a Ramsey calf injury ‘mysterious’, either, tbh, it’s pretty much par for the course.

Selling Ramsey and not replacing him would be a disaster of a summer. Lot of work to be done before the beginning of the season, IMO; need a CM (N’Zonzi) or two (Kovacic) if we can’t re-sign Ramsey, an attacking player/winger (I think this is the least important in Emery’s likely set up, especially give he’ll probably play Lacazette and Auba together a good amount), and definitely a LB.


I will grant that pre-season is fairly meaningless but our play and setup so far has just reinforced what I assumed beforehand from Emery’s time at Sevilla and Valencia. Ramsey is too tactically undisciplined to play in the central midfield pairing for Emery. But he’s just not good enough as a playmaker to beat out Ozil as the central playmaker or Mkhi as wide playmaker. Then Emery seems likely to prefer the other wide man to be either a wide forward type who runs behind and at the defense (ie, if Auba plays wide) or a relatively disciplined touchline hugger who creates width and Ramsey isn’t either of those things either. So where is the place for him unless Ozil or Mkhi are hurt or need rotation?

Selling Ramsey and just pocketing the funds rather than using them to improve the team would suck and make us worse. I definitely agree about that.


I doubt Emery plays with anything but a trivote as his primary formation. That looks to be Xhaka-Torreira-Ramsey to me, with Mkhitaryan/Auba and Özil ahead of them. I agree he’d probably like a traditional touchline hugger as you say but he doesn’t have that, closest thing he has is Bellerín hence why I think he’ll look to play with a trivote, or occasionally an auxiliary RB/LB to cover–he’s shown he’s not averse to playing with a ‘cuartote’ even at PSG. Wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like Maitland-Niles shunted out to that type of position ahead of Kolasinac/Monreal (my god, we really need a LB) in away games at some point.

We might see him experiment a few times with a 4-2-3-1 against lesser opponents at home, so Xhaka/Torreira-Ramsey Auba-Özil-Mkhi Lacazette, as managers who are coming in trying to comply with an attacking football mandate will try to do in the early stages, but I expect he’ll quickly revert to playing in a 4-3-3 even in those games after not feeling comfortable with the results with a pivot like that, and experiment more with perhaps 5 at the back or options like a Maitland-Niles on the wing as mentioned above in tough away games.

Really don’t think Ramsey is going anywhere, tbh. Him getting injured and the resulting options is scary, though…we’re the typical Ramsey muscular injury away from playing with a Xhaka-Torreira-Elneny/Guendozzi trivote. Can’t really see him going the other way and preferring someone like Iwobi or an extremely offensive formation like Xhaka-Torreira Auba-Özil-Mkhi Lacazette.

Edit: anyways, Emery is clearly not adverse to analytics, so between the fact that it’s impossible not to realize Ramsey’s value if you are not adverse to analytics + him being the only way he can really compose a decent trivote, I would be extremely surprised if he is not central to his plans.


Enough is enough ! Who does he think he is. Sell this headless marathon runner asap. 40-50m and we have done ourself a good piece of business.


As i said yesterday, we should try to swap him for Dembelè. He wants to play for Barca? He can go there now.


A player won’t go anywhere if he doesn’t want to. We’ve lost this one guys, we’ll never receive big money for him at this point

If i’m Ramsey waiting 4 months till Jan to maximise my leverage as a free agent


There also hasn’t been a single reliable report that anyone is prepared to make a bid for him.




I said reliable :sunglasses:


If anyone gets Aaron Ramsey for £35m they are getting an absolute bargain. He’s not world class, but he’s a PL proven midfielder, that can score and assist plenty and he’s not even in his prime at 27.

I’ll be gutted if he ends up leaving.


It worked for Ozil. He has nothing really to gain signing at this point rather than next year. He can evaluate whether the Emery revolution is worth buying into before committing.


Wenger made sure to delay negotiations so that his agent could move firm or something as well :xhaka:


Fuck off! Never gonna sell a player to one of our rivals again.

Edit: the source though :xhaka:


With the amount of money flying around the league it’s getting more likely rather than less so.


Yeah in years to come transfers between top English sides will have to become the norm if the financial situation remains so ludicrous. Will be quite normal for players to move between Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, United and City.

Surprised you’re so against it Luca, its been more common in Italy than over here.


It’s just my opinion. Sadly, i know how it works these days.


His contract needs to be sorted by early next week otherwise we should seriously consider selling…not sure I can cope again with all the speculation around another key player…


How often have we resigned players after the summer before their last year?


Well I’d imagine his agent has eyes on what Ozil managed to get back in January. The difference is I don’t think we’ll feel enough over a barrel to give Ramsey whatever he wants and continue to send a message to players that we’ll put up with it.