Aaron Ramsey (8)


Needs to grow that bear back ASAP the fuckin nonce


Would rather he grew a pair of ballz




Aaron won’t age well


that is a bit of a random comment, why do you think that?


Just a hunch


Main thing Ramsey needs to do this season is continue his improvements in his all-round central midfield game. We shouldn’t be focusing on the bonus of his late forward runs. It’s never a priority for him in his role at Arsenal. His defensive work and positioning has improved drastically this past season. Long may that continue, because without that he’s pointless for us.


Tbf, Ramsey is the one who stands to gain most from Emery’s system, it is basically ideal to enhance Ramsey’s (numerous) good qualities, and mask his weaknesses. Likely to be our best player (along with Auba) this season again if he stays healthy.


Thought that was fucking van persie when I first looked. Don’t worry though @SDGooner it didnt make me want to close the thread.




The Giroud thread is still open though.


I’ll take your word on that.


My word, I’ve just realised the club is in a really poor position with Ramsey.

At this point, we either stand to lose a £40m+ asset for free or are forced to pay over the odds to keep him here and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Damn


Contract management under Wenger was really bad wasn’t it?




Hopefully he’s the last player we find ourselves in this position with. We’ve really screwed ourselves.

The rumors that we are sounding out a loan move for Andre Gomes doesn’t sound especially encouraging for Ramsey staying. :disappointed_relieved:


Let’s say Ramsey has a good start to the season and In Jan he asks £350k. Do you give it?


I’d rather lose Ramsey on a free then commit to paying him 70-80 million over four years.

It would be a really bad investment to put Ramsey on that kind of contract. He’s too much of a hit and miss player for me and hasn’t pushed on like I thought he would from that 13/14 season. And his injury record doesn’t make for great reading.


Crazy. He’d have to be the absolute heartbeat of the team and fearless fucking leader. And even then i’d stretch to 180-225 max. 350 is insane.


Only if he hits his 2013-14 form WITHOUT any hint of hamstring niggles.

But even then probs not I guess.

Think it’s time for him to sign the fuck up, Wenger really fucked us with this contract issues.